Japanese makeup

Make-up in the Japanese style will help to show the girl her personality, stand out from the crowd and attract attention.

Japanese makeup can be made in three versions: in the image of a geisha, a girl - anime or everyday make-up of Japanese women.

A distinctive feature of the Japanese style is the whitened "porcelain skin", on the background of which the lips and eyes are clearly distinguished.

Casual Japanese makeup

1. An important stage of make-up is applying a light foundation on the face. To look natural, choose a shade of foundation and powder within a reasonable - no lighter 1-2 tones than your skin.

2. Make the eye makeup. To enter the image of a Japanese girl, you need to achieve a narrow, "slanted" cut of the eyes. To do this, you can use the black eyeliner.

We put light shadows on the eyelids, then draw a line along the contour of the upper lashes, slightly lowering it on the inner corner of the eye. At the outer edge of the eye, lift the line slightly upwards. Now we put a thin layer of mascara on the upper lashes. The lower contour of the eye is made in gray pencil.

For greater expressiveness of the eye, we will design small triangles in the upper eyelid with pink shadows.

3. Japanese lips are usually thin, bright, framed by a clear contour. Too chubby lips hide with the help of a light powder, then with a contour pencil draws narrower lines.

4. Blush should choose light pink tones. Put them on the cheekbones and spread out.

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