How to choose a pencil for the eyes

How to choose a pencil for the eyes

For a beautiful and bright make-up, it is important to choose the right eye pencil. Its lead is made of oil and wax, so it does not cause allergies, it glides well and does not irritate the skin, allowing you to easily turn your eyes.

Pencils come in a variety of colors and can be matched to different types of skin. By appointment, they are hard, soft and water resistant. Solid are designed for tinting eyebrows, and very soft pencils, mostly light shades are used for internal eyeliner part of the eyelid, with their help visually open the eyes. With the help of waterproof liner, you can get a chic expressive contour, which is often used as a means for evening make-up of the eyes.

To give the look of drama, and make-up of beauty and stamina, you need to be able to choose the right pencil for your eyes. The main rule of this choice is the choice of color, which will be combined with a shade of skin and eye color. When choosing it, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. A cap of a qualitative pencil should be well fixed and should be made of a tree, instead of from sawdust.

2. The applicator at the pencil should be well fixed, and its body should be strong.

3. The pencil lead should not have inclusions, plaque, or crystals and should not be too hard or soft, and also when choosing it, you need to pay attention to quality.

Choose a shade of eyeliner

To create the perfect eye makeup, you need to choose the right shade of the pencil, taking into account the cut and the color of the eyes. Black pencil for some of the fair sex is an indispensable thing, because black is combined with all shades of lipstick and shadows. Thanks to him, you can easily correct the cut of the eyes, and make them deeper and more expressive.

A brown pencil fits perfectly for the day's image, with it you can draw neat arrows, bring your eyes.

White pencil plays an important role when applied to the mucosa of the lower eyelid, it visually opens the view. This same effect can be achieved by emphasizing the inner corner of the eye.

The color of the pencil and your color

Using colored pencils is the ideal way to make the image vivid and bold. For the representatives of the spring type - who have fair skin and hair, blue or green color of the eyeliner is suitable, and for the summer girls with blue-gray hair, blue or turquoise or gray pencil. And for the autumn appearance with a light skin, with freckles, golden or red hair, it is better to choose a green brown or warm blue. If you are a winter girl with a porcelain skin and dark hair, then it's better to choose a classic black pencil.

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