Pencil for lips: how to choose and how to apply

How to choose a pencil for lips

In the female cosmetic bag you can often see a whole set of pencils for the lips. Why is it enough for many people to have one or two lipsticks, a blush, shadows that differ in several shades, and carcasses in an amount not more than two, but what about pencils, they can huddle in this little purse at least five or even seven?

Many people who are not experienced in this matter will think that this is because the woman constantly creates a new and unique image with the help of changing the pencil for lips, but this is far from the case.

What for the pencil for labiums is necessary?

Is it really so important to use a pencil for lips and is he rightly awarded an honorary place in a cosmetic bag? Of course. With the help of this miracle, you can perfectly model the size and shape of your sponges, bringing them to perfection. And so, before you run after this tool and make yourself a real princess, let's figure out what pencils are in general, what they're made of. Also find out how to choose this product, including taking into account the shades of lipstick, shine, skin and, after all, how to apply a lip liner correctly.

What do we know about cosmetic pencils?

We all know that pencils are soft, hard, in a wooden shell and, as a rule, bilateral, or in a plastic casing. With these species everything is relatively clear. We know that the pencil lead should not be too soft, because it will lead to the outflow of the contour, as well as hard, which is fraught with damage to the skin of your lips, using a dry one will not give you a good result either - the line will break out, inflicted liquid cosmetic products. But here everything is quite simple, even beginners know that in this case it is best to stick to the golden mean.

As for automatic and mechanical pencils, this is already a matter of taste, the only thing to remember is that the pencil in the wooden shell will need to be undermined from time to time, and during its selection to look at the cap, it should close tightly, but at the same time also to be removed without huge efforts. No less important, and the thickness of the lead, if it is thick, then the pencil can be attributed to a more universal, they not only draw a contour, but draw a shine or lipstick base, which can not be said about a pencil for lips with a thin lead that is suitable only for guidance of the contour.

Pencil for lips: novelties of our time

Well, with the above described species everything is clear, but how do you figure out what for and when should you use other varieties of modern lip pencils? To do this, it is enough to read the information provided below. And so, we come across mainly with colored pencils, but what white is needed for, know not all. This is well known to makeup artists, because such a tool is actively used by them in the case when the lips need to be made fuller, which means more sexy. First, a white outline is applied, which after shading and powdering. The body pencil is suitable when there is a desire, or the need to apply make-up the closest to the natural. Such a novelty - a colorless pencil, is invisible to the eye, but it ideally keeps the shine in the desired outlined framework. Still there is a waterproof pencil, silicone, capable of filling all the irregularities, which corrects the shape of the lips, as well as an unrivaled and such a popular lipstick pencil.

What's in your lineup?

What are cosmetic pencils made of? Do you think that there are only one coloring pigment? You are wrong. There are all sorts of vitamins, as well as plant extracts, they nourish your lips and take care of them. Here everything is in place, the dyes are responsible for the shades, the wax makes the pencil soft, and the oil is able to moisturize the skin. For dry lips it is best to choose a lip pencil that contains castor, coconut, or palm softening oils, aloe vera extract and vitamins C, E. These components are aimed at active moisturizing the skin of the lips. If the main criterion in choosing a pencil for you is the stamina and continuity of the contour induced by this tool, then you will need a pencil having an increased amount of wax.

Little Secrets to Using Miracle Means

If you choose a color pencil, then it's best to bring your favorite lipstick, it should, or coincide with it, or be one shade lighter. If you need a pencil that will act as a shiny base, then its color should harmonize with the skin tone of the lips. The use of a colored pencil above the tone of the lipstick color serves to emphasize the shape of the lips, but more light, or for example colorless - to make the lips natural and full. But do not overdo it with the underlining of the shape, because if the contour is very dark, the lips will not look natural, they will look like drawn. If you want to correct the lip line, you should hold it with a pencil behind their outer edge, this will make the lips fuller. And remember, always end the line, not reaching the corners of the lips millimeter. To the color of the lips was natural, the line of the pencil must be shaded with a special brush inside from the edge. A pencil of dark color is suitable only for very effective evening make-up.

We put it correctly!

Before you make a pencil outline, you should apply a tonal cream on the lips, or concealer - concealer. Next, you need to circle your lips with a pencil and shade them for color fastness. Apply the contour starting from the corners. Clear lines need to be shaded with a brush for lipstick, well, the finishing touch is the application of lipstick itself. After its application, do not forget to remove the possible excess of this product with a tissue. We wish to look beautiful!

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