What should be in the girl's cosmetic bag

The store shelves are full of various means of caring for themselves. But all this diversity is not always necessary. What should be in the cosmetic bag, we will consider this question from the point of view of practicality and real necessity.

What should be in the cosmetic bag with you?

The main principle is not to overdo it. For cosmetics with yourself you need a minimum amount of funds - powder, lip gloss or lipstick, a mirror, perfume and wet wipes. Why so little money? Because the make-up is done at home, and on the street, at work, you only need to lightly patch the leaking ink or smeared lipstick. The same rule concerns visits. Carrying everything with you is not only burdensome, but also impractical. More than half of the funds may not be needed, but the whole cosmetic bag takes up a lot of space in the purse. You can put shadows in your purse, they can be needed if, for example, after work, you are going to a restaurant. Many carry with them a nail file (just in case, if the nail suddenly breaks), perfume - most beautiful ladies use them during the day. Naturally, a hairbrush and wet napkins. Gloss is needed in order to tint the "eaten" cosmetics during the day.

The most important thing is not the quantity of cosmetics, but quality. For example, a stable foundation and indelible mascara will, as ever, by the way, and get rid of excess ballast in the face of powder, blush, proofreader. And the most important thing is not to forget to put a good mood in the cosmetic bag, then the day will pass just fine.

What should be in the cosmetic bag at home?

All cosmetics are divided into decorative and caring. If the first option is suitable for those who like to paint, the second is an indisputable necessity for all women. Daily skin care should include cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing. Cleansing lotion, tonic or milk, daytime moisturizing and night nourishing cream is the foundation that should be in the makeup of absolutely every girl. Naturally, the list can vary and include various scrubs, gels, masks and so on.

Decorative cosmetics .

Tonal cream, camouflage pencil, ink and blush are the most necessary decorative means that can hide shortcomings and emphasize virtues. Naturally, the more decorative means, the greater the effect can be achieved. The ideal cosmetic bag should consist of the following elements:

- Base or base for make-up;

- Facial cream or make-up;

- Powder;

- Correction pencil;

- Blush;

- Luster, lipstick;

- Decorative pencils for lips and eyes;

- Shadows.

This is the best list of all the remedies that should be at your fingertips in a home cosmetic bag.

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