Learning how to make beautiful makeup

Lipstick for blondes. What shades of lipsticks go to blondes?

The most suitable colors of lipstick, emphasizing the tenderness and femininity of blondes - from light pink to gently coral shades. Such lipstick colors perfectly match the light curls from white to medium-haired and are combined with any skin tone, from light to tan.

Red lipstick: how to choose and apply. Make-up with red lipstick

It is generally believed that bright red lips are an indicator of a woman's sexuality. If you feel a huge surge of energy, want to be in the spotlight, dream of a good time, choose bold red shades of lipstick.

Smoky Makeup Smoke (Smoky eyes)

Smokey effect on the eyes does not go out of fashion for a long time. This make-up looks always stylish and bright, so it is suitable for any celebratory party. Smokey effect of the eyes can be created even in pastel colors, which will be appropriate for everyday make-up.

How to choose the right powder. Powder Types

Powder for the face plays the first role in the creation of high-quality make-up. If the powder is selected correctly, in accordance with the color and type of your skin, your face will look radiant, healthy and flawless. With the help of powder, you can hide the flaws of the face.

Choose a pencil for the eyes. The color of the pencil and your color

When choosing a pencil for eyes, it is very important to pay attention to its quality. The skin around the eyes is very tender and susceptible to the effects of artificial colors and allergens. What properties should a quality pencil have?

We put the powder on the face correctly

Powder can do wonders of make-up: hide the pale skin color, adjust the face oval, disguise flaws. Powder should be taught to apply correctly, so that it does not stand out in heterogeneous bands, but becomes part of your image.

How to choose eye shadow. Types and shades of shadows

In order to properly choose eye shadows that will fit well on your skin, it is worth considering all the subtleties and structure, the age of the lady who wants to transform herself.

Mascara for hair: fashion image for a minute! How to apply mascara

With the help of mascara for hair, you can bring a couple of bright strokes in your image in a couple of minutes. Color strands will help refresh your hair, make it more elegant. To restore hair to its former form, it is enough just to wash your hair ...

Choose eye shadow: make-up lessons

Correctly chosen color of shadows can make your look more expressive and shining. Harmonious make-up - a business card of a woman on the way to a successful career and in her personal life ...

How to properly paint with eyeliner

The eyeliner lies in the cosmetic bag of almost every fashionista. This is a universal tool for quick and bright eye make-up. However, from the first time it is unlikely that you will succeed in accurately bringing your eyes up, you need some skill ...

Cosmetic pencil for lips: novelties of our time

It turns out that not all the fair sex representatives understand until the end how to choose this cosmetic product, and the thrift of nature does not allow to throw out not suitable and quite often expensive pencils ...

  • How to draw arrows in front of a pencil
  • How to turn a blind eye
  • Powder composition

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