Make-up by eye color

brown eye make-up

Brown Eyes Makeup

For brown eyes, makeup artists recommend oriental style in make-up, he will give the look a mysterious image of the oriental beauty. Delicate shades of warm golden brown shades will refresh your image, it will be appropriate to look both at a party and in daylight ...

make-up of green eyes

Green eyes makeup

Green eyes provide the make-up artist with unlimited possibilities for experimentation. After all, the depth of green eyes can be expressed with a variety of colors - from turquoise to emerald! Brown, green and copper shades will give your image a novelty and uniqueness ...

make-up for blue eyes

Blue eyes makeup

To emphasize the beauty of blue eyes is quite simple. Your ideal image is mysterious and romantic, which is created with the help of fresh pastel shades. The depth of the blue-gray eyes is emphasized by the shadows of the sea, turquoise or violet ...

make-up for gray eyes

Make-up of gray eyes

In make-up, the gray eyes of the borders do not exist. Gray-eyed women of fashion can experiment with almost all shades in makeup. After all, gray is a neutral shade that will adjust to any image and color that you put on your face ...

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