How to apply a foundation

The tonal cream is a panacea for minor skin defects. With it, in a matter of minutes, circles under the eyes disappear, traces of blackheads and small scars, and irregularities are smoothed out.

To apply a tonal basis it is necessary to observe some rules, so that the make-up looks natural, and the skin of the face has got a beautiful healthy shade.

Rules of application of foundation:

1. Makeup is performed in bright daylight, or in a well-lit room, so as not to make mistakes.

2. Before using tone, clean the skin of fat, dust and keratinized particles. Otherwise, the foundation for make-up will look on the face of a swollen, uneven and untidy.

3. If you have dry, flabby skin, first of all it needs to be moistened with hydrogel or day cream, and after it has absorbed, soak the skin with a napkin and apply a tone.

4. Tone means should be applied on massage lines with light movements, so as not to stretch the skin. It's better if you get into the habit of distributing the cream with an unnamed finger (it's the weakest), then the movements will be more sparing for the skin. It is very convenient to apply the cream with a cosmetic sponge or brush, the tone is more uniform.

5. The tonal base should be carefully shaded in a thin, uniform layer, so that the cream is not visible on the face. On the young beautiful skin it is enough to treat with cream only the area of ​​the T-zone, to hide fatty gloss and acne. The boundaries between the tinted areas of the skin need to be smoothed with a sponge to hide the transitions.

6. Special attention should be paid to the area around the eyes. Here the skin is very thin and delicate, so it will be better to use a special concealer that masks circles under the eyes, tightens and smoothes the skin, makes it tone lighter, resulting in an expressive look. If there is no concealer available, apply a light foundation of a light, low-fat texture in the direction from the periphery to the inner corners of the eyes.

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