Fashionable makeup 2017-2018

If last year the girls with their appearance actively showed that they are studying and making a career, incidentally showing their individuality, then next year the women of fashion will proudly say: everything is tired, we want to have a good time and have fun! Yes, the most fashionable make-up of 2018 will be truly festive: glitter, flashy shadows, sequins ... However, for the modest and the office lady, there will also be a couple of new ideas.

The most relevant techniques and makeup "chips"

If you want to look actual, seriously shake up your cosmetic "arsenal", especially the daily funds. Say "yes" can only be left from 2017, "light" lip gloss, blush, and light tonalniku. Everything else has to be bought anew.

You need to learn how to "ruffle" the crooks, glue the cilia, and apply lipstick in an unusual way. And not only!

Shining skin (wet effect)

This requires special cream or tonalniki - glistening, fatty, but with a natural tone. After such a means, the skin is not just washed, but peeled. Cream over a little bit, highlighting individual zones (cheekbones, nose).

Backlighting "from the inside"

If you create not a day, but an evening image, pay attention to the powder enriched with pearl particles, which can be processed not only cheeks, but also neckline (from the clavicles). This treatment of the skin will emphasize your advantageous roundness, and unsuccessful places camouflage. Important! In this makeup, the "stress" is made on the skin, the eyes and lips can not be strongly emphasized, so that there is no search. Maximum - transparent lip gloss and eyebrows for eyelashes.

Fashionable make-up of 2018 in nude style

Healthy skin, that is, make-up in the nude style. Stress, nedosyp, chemical food - all this is aging our face. To correct this lack light tonal or VV-cream, hailater, and also konsiler, working "pointwise" will help. The image will complement the lipstick of a natural shade, eye-catching eyebrow gel (preferably colorless), mascara.

Glossy shadows

Mast of a hev! Quickly buy beige-gold cream shades, until they were snapped up by other women of fashion. They are combined with a shining hailer (applied to the cheekbones), lip gloss from a beige palette, black ink in one layer. If you are going to a holiday or to a theater, choose a wine or red lipstick, and emphasize your eyes brighter.

Eye makeup in disco ball style

You can use sequins, bright mascara or eyeliner, shadows, a special pigment. The main thing is that the funds are stable and do not fall off until the end of the party.

Healthy blush

Yes, the "black", hollow cheeks, because of which the face looks emaciated, does not seem to anybody sexual. And if last year was actual gym skin (that is, "sporty skin", a little damp, like you just made one hundred sit-ups with dumbbells), today's beauty should be rosy - such an adherent of a healthy lifestyle in general and nutrition in particular . The color of blush may be at your discretion - at least bright orange, and at least slightly peachy.

Fashionable eye makeup 2018

In this season, designers have pleased fashionistas with beautiful new items in eye makeup. Flickering, glow, metal shine, curly arrows and many other techniques demonstrated models on the catwalks - 2018.

Smoky eyes

Yes, again and again! Since the fashion does not come out grunge, the "smokey ice" with carefully shaded halftones will also be relevant.

Fashionable make-up of 2018 in the style of "Smokey-Ice" means the use of color in gray, graphite metallic shades with the use of liquid shadows.

Add the extra expressiveness to the eyes of the aforementioned strip of shadows on the lower eyelid - this technique was actively used by designers in their shows, causing a real sensation among all who came to the show.


Option for beauties who consider the eyes of "smokey" boring. In this make-up (daytime!) Mix bright colors - say, pink and blue, or brown and green.

Fashionable hands - 2018

Another "guest from the past", still not losing his position. They can be any: straight and curved, short and long, wide and narrow. Up-to-date double-eyeliner, which will make your eyes very expressive, will be relevant. The most daring fashionable women can draw arrows from the temple to the bridge of the nose. Important! Wiring can not always be black - experiment with any color, even with pink. Stylists to color shooters are advised to apply a gold lipstick.

The image of "predator", which gives this make-up, could often be found on fashion shows.

Double arrows - one of the frequent methods of make-up, which was met at fashion shows - 2018. The lines are often extended to the temples, which visually draws your eyes.

A look with "backlighting"

A bright glare at the inner corner of the eye or in the lower eyelid will make your look fresher and hide fatigue. This technique is present at fashion shows - 2018 almost all designers.

Volumetric doll eyelashes

To complement this image of a real female vamp will help black, long eyelashes, with well-colored corners. Pay attention that the elongating quality carcass to create this image will be quite enough, so use a pencil and eyeliner is not worth it, because one of the main rules of a stylish make-up "to focus on one thing - on the lips or eyes" continues to be relevant and this winter.

Attention to the sponge!

Glossy lipstick. Yes, matte without having had time to "start", has already bothered stylists (especially, to be honest, it goes literally to units). Sometimes visagistes put the first layer of matte lipstick, and then "hide" it under the glossy layer, applying shine or another lipstick - this "chip" perfectly reveals its color. The edges of the lips are not drawn with a pencil, leaving it imperfect - naturalness in 2018 will be in particular honor.

Lipstick of an unusual color

In the next year, coral lipstick will be especially relevant, and it will be applied both to the office and to the theater. No less popular are the dark shades of the berry palette. They were in honor at most fashion shows, devoted to the style of the next year.

Rich and plum, purple, maroon - it is in this range that sponges of fashionistas are seen in 2018 by stylists and make-up artists. And such lipsticks should be combined with visible shadows and a dark liner. However, with a face you can do nothing at all, just select the sponges with this catchy lipstick. Feel free, youthly, fashionable!

Blurry lines

If earlier in fashion was a careless hairdo, this year such creative chaos moved to makecap. The shades can be mixed with lighter or darker, shade as horrible. For example, you can lightly smudge the center of your lips with lipstick, "stretch" it with your fingers on your lips - and get a fashionable, somewhat hooligan, very "young" image.

Glitter shadows: eye sights

Shadow-glitterers have become very popular this season. The flicker effect is created stepwise, from several tones.

Backlight eyebrows - another fashionable device in makeup - 2018. Such a technique will draw attention to the eyes, it will be appropriate for glamorous parties.

Fashionable monochrome make-up - 2018

Monochrome make-up in recent years is increasingly being used than other fashion types of makeup. The concept of this species is the same tones for the skin, eyes and lips. Beige, brown, peach, pink are the most common varieties of monochrome make-up. Differing in beauty and restraint, they will add a twist to your everyday and business image. Monochrome make-up is in high esteem among the leading designers, as can be judged from the models that performed during the High Fashion Week: almost every one of them went to the podium with monochrome make-up.

The effect of yesterday's makeup

Light negligence in make-up is another trendy trend of the upcoming season. Blurred, fuzzy lines should create an impression of yesterday's makeup, which you forgot to wash away.

Gothic images in fashion make-up - 2018

Dark matte lipstick shade from dark plum to graphite will help create a Gothic image that surely entered fashion in 2018.

Fashionable eyebrow makeup - 2018

And, finally, let's talk about eyebrows, which in this season designers "see" fluffy and dense, but at the same time decorated in a beautiful, clear line, slightly arched in the middle. Such eyebrows will give a "zest" to any make-up, making it more refined and effective, moreover, well-groomed eyebrows can become the main "feature" of the face, so they can be combined with the most simple make-up.

How to create well-groomed eyebrows

Working on the eyebrows is simple enough. First they need to be given the right shape, the most appropriate to the features of the face, and then follow that this line is kept in perfect condition. When creating an image, the eyebrows need to be combed, tinted with a pencil, making light, barely noticeable strokes that imitate hairs (if it is a question of too light eyebrows), and in the end - to lay with a gel. This is a fairly new tool that today should be in the makeup of every fashionista, as it allows you to highlight each hair, making it a little thicker, giving the eyebrows the necessary fluffiness, and their lines - a clear graphics.

As you can see, fashionable make-up - 2018 combines styles and fashionable colors of different epochs. Means from his arsenal will be like a fashionista who does not represent life without experiments, and modest people who value make-up minimalism and restraint.

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