False eyelashes. Make-up with false eyelashes

False eyelashes

False eyelashes. Rules of use

Not many women can boast of long, thick eyelashes. And to seduce with enchanting magic waving of eyelashes it would be desirable always ...

Even modern cosmetics do not always help to achieve the desired result. In this case, it is worth trying false eyelashes, because when used correctly, they are difficult to distinguish from natural even near. With the help of artificial cilia you can add zest to your image, eyelashes will become thicker and longer, and the eyes - more expressive.

Choose false eyelashes

Today the market offers a huge number of models and types of false eyelashes. Fashion trends change every season. More modest beauties can limit themselves to simply long and thick eyelashes. To emphasize your personality, you can choose eyelashes made of fur, or with the finest rhinestones.

Artificial cilia are frequent or rare, the same length or different. With their help you can creatively approach the creation of your image. You can choose any bend, length, color and style of false eyelashes, turn into an elegant beauty or an extravagant lady. Cilia can visually change the width of the face and the size of the eyes. For example, if you attach long cilia only to the outer corner of the eye, you will visually widen your face.

For natural, daytime makeup, do not use too thick and long false eyelashes, otherwise you will look like a doll. Thick, catchy eyelashes are suitable for creating a theatrical effect.

How to choose a color

When choosing eyelashes, it is very important not to be mistaken with their color. Black eyelashes are suitable for representatives of cold color (summer or winter). If your hair and skin have a golden or bronze hue, choose dark brown false eyelashes. Bright, colored eyelashes with decorative impregnations are suitable only for evening make-up.

Who should not wear false eyelashes?

Before buying false eyelashes, make sure that you do not have any contraindications to them. Artificial eyelashes can not be worn by women with allergies. Also, if you wear contact lenses or you have very sensitive eyes, false eyelashes will be too heavy for you.

Do not buy eyelashes and women with very large features, so you will increase them even more, your look will become unnaturally puppet.

How to apply eyelashes

If you do not have contraindications to false eyelashes, you can safely get down to work. Be prepared for the fact that at home it will be very difficult to do everything right. However, over time, your hands will get used to the jewelry work, and you will get much faster and more accurately. So, let's get started.

For work we will need: false eyelashes; special glue; liner; Indian ink.

1. Glue will be more convenient if you cut false eyelashes into several small bundles. Try the eyelashes on your eyes and make sure that they fit you in length. If they are too long, they can be cut slightly.

2. Now you need to fail your eyes. Using dark shadows or a pencil draw a line along the line of growth of the eyelashes.

3. On the base of artificial cilia, apply glue and let it grapple for 15 seconds. Do not apply glue on eyelids in any case!

4. Begin to paste the cilia from the outer corner of the eye. For your convenience, use tweezers. Attach the eyelashes to the line that you held with a pencil, as close as possible to your eyelashes. Begin to press the cilia from the middle to the edges. For a few seconds, hold the edges so that they fit better. For convenience, take a toothpick and swipe on the base of the eyelashes. Take care that there is no asymmetry, paste the eyelashes at the same angle in both eyes. Be careful. The glue can get into the eyes and cause irritation.

5. When the cilia are a little dry, draw along the line of application with a piping or a dark pencil to give them a neat look.

6. And now check. Use a toothpick to try to move your eyelashes. If they loosely sit or peel off the edges, apply glue with the tip of the toothpick and squeeze the eyelashes again.

Sometimes glued eyelashes look sloppy, directed in different directions, differ in length. The situation can be corrected tweezers for curling eyelashes. They smooth the line of the eyelashes, slightly twist and make the look more expressive. Only use them must be very carefully.

Make-up with false eyelashes

The main rule in makeup with false eyelashes is not to overdo it. Cilia have already given you the right length and thickness. Therefore, mascara should not be applied too thickly, your face will look pretentious, theatrical. Be careful with dark and bright shadows, catchy shades of lipstick. Remember that the emphasis in makeup should be only one, in your case - it's the eyes.

1. After the cilia have dried, take liquid eyeliner. Draw a thin line from the inner corner of the eyes to make the image complete. This way you will give the false eyelashes a more natural look.

2. Apply mascara. There is a small trick here. For greater naturalness, you need to mix artificial cilia with your own. This will help you a tablespoon. Attach the convex part of the spoon to the eyelashes. Now apply mascara. You have a natural, expressive image.

3. Apply the shadows and finish the makeup.

How to remove false eyelashes

Overhead cilia are removed very simply. In some cases, it is sufficient to pull them beyond the outer edge. If your glue is strong enough, apply a little to remove make-up or cream on your eyelashes and leave for a minute. When the glue softens, grasp the edge and discard.

Are false eyelashes harmful?

Many women are concerned with the question of how harmful false eyelashes are to the eyes. In fact, there are no serious contraindications for artificial eyelashes, unless of course you are allergic.

If you have contact lenses, you generally are not forbidden to wear false eyelashes, but this may be too much for the eyes.

Never go to bed with false eyelashes. Take care of your eyes.

Do not wear false eyelashes too often, since your own eyelashes are clogged with glue, stop breathing and can weaken.

Care of false eyelashes

On how much care you take to false eyelashes, depends on the period of their service. With proper care, they will last you up to 2 weeks.

After you have removed the eyelashes, rinse them in warm soapy water to remove mascara. A toothbrush will help remove dirt between the cilia. Remove the remaining adhesive with tweezers. Dry it.

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