Natural makeup

Natural make-up is suitable for all women without exception. With the help of it you can refresh your complexion, hide skin imperfections, give your face a fresh and rested look.

Natural makeup involves the use of muted, natural shades.

1. Correct the complexion with a foundation. It should be as close as possible to the shade of your skin. Try to distribute the cream evenly, so that there are no noticeable boundaries.

2. We emphasize the eyes with the help of a contour pencil - carefully draw a thin contour along the line of the eyelashes. Blonde girls are recommended to choose a pencil of gray or brown.

3. For a more fresh and expressive look, we apply light shadows (peach or milky shades, preferably without mother-of-pearl) for ever.

4. We apply to the lips a transparent lipstick of tender natural tones, close to the color of your lips (pink, crimson, peach, milk chocolate). Also suitable lip gloss, he will help make the lips more plump, rejuvenate the face.

5. With one touch of a brush, give the cheeks a natural blush with the help of a golden or peach shade of blush.

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