New Year's make-up - 2018 in the year of the Dog

On New Year's Eve everyone wants to surprise, attire, hairdo or make-up, it's about the latter that we'll talk about.

In the Year of the Yellow Dog at a festive party it is necessary to look elegant and harmonious. To please the fair and noble character of the dog will help high-quality cosmetics and accessories, lip gloss with flicker, bright eyeliner and arrows, false eyelashes.

New Year's make-up - 2018: shades of earth and gold

In the Year of the Yellow Dog, the recommended shades in the New Year's makeup are earthy, yellow, brown, blue, green and all of their variants - purple, turquoise, emerald.

Arrows from glitter

Color arrows, glitter, will be appropriate on New Year's Eve not only for young girls, but also in Balzac's age. The color of the shooter is selected under the tone of the dress, circle the outline of the eyes with black eyeliner, plus densely colored cilia - and the image is ready.

New Year's make-up for brown eyes

Brown eyes are the most profitable in gold and brown shades. Makiyah eye "Smokey Ice" with a brown palette of shadows and golden glitter will make you the queen of the evening.

New Year's make-up for blue eyes

On New Year's Eve, blue-eyed girls are recommended to apply glittering glints with a bright blue, silver or cold pink tint to the eyelids. Your eyes will shine like a fairy tale!

New Year's makeup with blue shadows

Blue shadows with a metallic luster - a universal option for a New Year's Eve. Apply a dark blue outline to the lower or upper eyelid - and you will give depth and expressiveness to the look. This method is suitable for the eyes of any color.

Blue shadows are beautifully combined with gold, this image will be associated with the night sky and stars.

New Year's make-up - 2018: art design

Now we begin to experiment. Try to please the owner of the year, so he gave you good luck and fulfilled all your long-standing desires. Just do not forget that with brilliance one should be more careful not to cross the border and not look vulgar. Try to focus on either the eyes or the lips. And now consider the fresh ideas of the New Year's makeup 2018 more.

"Decorate the Christmas tree"

The image of the New Year tree is very appropriate to reflect in the makeup of the eyes, because the elegant green tree is a symbol of harmony and well-being. Rhinestones and colored balls, pasted on the eyelashes, inserts of tinsel - there is no limit to fantasy.

Magic Flicker

Only this night you can afford a little magic - sparkles, mother of pearl, star dust - and you will be brilliant in the literal sense of the word.

Remember that shades of shades should blend in with your evening attire.

New Year's make-up - 2018: the foundation

As in any case, a solid role is played by a reliable foundation. This stage can not be missed, because the uneven complexion will spoil the entire image. To apply a tonal basis it is necessary accurately - not having gone too far. You can mix a moisturizer and tonal base. The basis will level the tone, and the moisturizer will help the skin stay fresh and well-kept all night.

Since the New Year's make-up, you can let a little radiance. It can be a blush or shade with glitter. If you use such blush, then they need to be applied only on cheekbones and very well shading.

New Year's Eyes Makeup - 2018

When choosing a New Year's make-up, you need to decide on the image as a whole, if it is a classic "ceremonial" image, then you can simply highlight the eyes, and if you are going to participate in the carnival and have already decided on the costume, then the make-up should be appropriate.

So for the classic New Year's eye make-up, we need shadows of suitable shades, eyeliner or eyeliner, mascara with the effect of volume, you can use waterproof, because this holiday is longer than usual.

We start the same way with the base, under the shadows you can apply a moisturizing cream, so the shadows will last longer. We apply shadows from light shades to dark ones or vice versa, and we shade well. Then use podvodkoj or a pencil, the main thing to paint over all top part of growth of eyelashes, differently a make up will be rude.

We finish the make-up of the eyes by applying mascara, you can apply several layers, to increase the volume, paint your eyelashes by rotating the brush from the inner to the outer corner of the eye, so you can achieve the effect of the "eastern" eyes .

And if you decide on a carnival costume, then make-up needs to be thought through to the smallest detail. So you can become a fairy with the help of shadows resembling hoarfrost. If the suit allows, you can cover your eyelids with gilded dust, mother-of-pearl shades, sequins or rhinestones. The main thing is not all together.

New Year's image of fairy fairy

You can also use special paint to put drawings on your face, these can be flowers, patterns or some symbols, or you can draw a mask around the eyes.

Eyelash extensions

False eyelashes will be an excellent solution for the New Year's celebration. They will make your image even more feminine and charming.

New Year's make-up of lips

This night you can experiment not only with the costume, but also with the color of lipstick. The main thing to remember is that if you focus on bright expressive eyes, then it is better to choose a lipstick of calm tones for your lips.

But just do not forget about the foundation, for some time before applying makeup, you can apply a nourishing cream on the lips, which would remove the dryness. Then any lipstick will fall better.

New Year is a holiday of fantasies, so the main rule of make-up and your image in general, this is what would be convenient and comfortable for you.

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