Correct make-up without errors

Proper make-up is a real art, and it's not an easy task to master it. After all, with the help of make-up you can not only create a wonderful transformation from ugly to beauty, but vice versa, to spoil your image.

The correct make-up is one that is practically not visible on the face, but at the same time it corrects minor shortcomings and emphasizes virtues.

So, the main makeup mistakes to be avoided are:

1. Unskilful or excessive use of foundation. As a result of the unsuccessfully chosen shade of the base, the face looks puppet, mummified, or dirty. Before you buy a foundation, ask for a probe and blend it on the back of your hand. If the cream is not visible, then this is your shade.

Heavy, oily foundation cream leave in the past. On a thickly smeared face a few hours later will appear fatty stains, makeup will look rough and sloppy. Modern tonal remedy should be light and transparent.

2. Thinly plucked eyebrows in modern makeup is considered a mistake. Fashion does not stand still, so what was considered beautiful 30 years ago today looks strange. Your job is just to give the eyebrows a clear, neat shape, pull out excess hairs just around the eyebrows and smoothen them with a brush.

3. It is considered an error when the line of lips is brightly highlighted with a contour pencil of dark shades. When the lipstick is erased, the lips in the outline look ugly. Modern fashion has abandoned the hot, fanciful colors of lipstick in favor of soft, natural. In the afternoon, it will be sufficient to refresh your lips with a transparent shine.

4. Proper eyelash make-up involves applying a quality mascara in one or two layers, no more. Split the cilia divide with a brush, your look will become more feminine and expressive.

5. To refresh skin color and hide pallor, it is advisable to use creamy transparent blushes, which neatly shade on the cheekbones. Rummaging in using blush is a gross mistake that will give you a puppet appearance.

6. Not so long ago appeared in the market bronzators very often play with girls a cruel joke: with mismanagement the face looks dirty. Remember, the bronzer is not applied to the entire face, but only to the whiskey, cheekbones and side of the face in the form of the letter "C".

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