How to apply makeup in stages

To get a beautiful make-up, you must follow certain rules when applying it. The next step-by-step application of makeup will teach you to master this art.

1. Prepare the skin of the face - clean and moisturize. Using cosmetic milk or lotion, wipe the skin from dust, keratinized particles and excess fat. Then apply a light moisturizer with a thin layer. It is also desirable to treat lips with a grooming balm. The remains of the cream are removed from the skin with a napkin.

2. Align the complexion with a tonal base. To do this, we select the shade closest to your skin and gently shade a small amount of cream on your face, so that no transitions are noticeable. The zone around the eyes should not be treated.

3. Correct the circles under the eyes and small skin imperfections with a concealer (corrector). The color of the concealer should be light, this will give an extra shine to your eyes and hide fatigue.

4. Apply crumbly transparent powder over the foundation with a brush. It is also recommended to treat the eyelid powder and the area around the lips, this will make the skin matte, more even and help fix the makeup on the face for a longer period.

5. Blush will help refresh your complexion. For this, choose gentle shades of peach or pink. Blush is applied with a large special brush on the central area of ​​the cheeks. With the help of blush, you can also expand or narrow your face. For the slimming effect, we apply a "shadow" on the cheekbones with rouge of cold brown hues. Lighter shades of blush on the contrary, make your cheeks more plump.

6. Make-up of the eyes. For daytime make-up, it is enough to draw a contour of eyes along the line of growth of eyelashes with the help of a black or brown pencil. Give an expressive look can be with the help of dark shadows (gray or brown hue), which are applied a thin strip on the eyelid and shade to give a smoky effect. The upper part of the century is shaded with shades of light pastel tones. Mascara completes the stage of eye makeup. We put it in one or two layers, then gently comb the eyelashes.

7. We emphasize the eyebrows in a pencil, the same shade as your natural hair color. The outline of the eyebrows should be clear and neat.

8. Lipstick is recommended to choose light, fresh shades - peach, apricot, rose, coral. Lipstick is more convenient to apply with a brush, so it will lie more evenly.

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