Lipstick for blondes

Lipstick for blondes

The correct choice of make-up is the duty of each, a girl who loves herself, especially if nature has given you a blondly light blond hair color. But even if you are not a natural blonde, and a dyed or not blonde at all, but still light, the color of the hair obliges you to keep up to date and adhere to fashion trends.

Lipstick for blondes. What shades of lipsticks go to blondes?

The color of lipstick or shine may vary depending on the color of the hair, the skin tone, the shape of the chin, the color of the clothes and, of course, the mood. But how to decide on the choice and not lose with the color of lipstick for tonight?

The first thing to remember is to avoid all dark shades from dirty red to dark plum or brown. Violet color in general should be excluded from the list. His dark tone does not fit with blond hair, often shading them green, and maybe even scare the people around!

The most winning colors for blondes are shades of light pink and gentle coral colors. These shades are perfectly combined with blond hair from white to medium-haired and suitable for any skin tone, from light to tan. Light pink and coral colors are well arranged both with light and dark color in clothes, suitable for any of its styles. These shades of lipstick can serve as a day or evening makeup. They are considered universal and should be in any cosmetic bag, as an obligatory element of it.

Under the laws of makeup for evening make-up juicy shades of pink will suit.

If your skin is very sunburnt or has an olive shade, do not be afraid to use all shades of light beige, diluting a bit with rozovinka. Very good on the full lips looks beige lipstick, covered with pearlescent or pinkish gloss on top, which gives the beige juiciness and brightness.

How to choose a blonde your lipstick color in accordance with the color of the skin and hair?

According to the laws of color, blondes are conventionally divided into three color types: light brown, honey or golden and ashy.

1.Rusy color. For blondes from light-brown to dark-haired, all light shades of pink, beige, pearly and even golden are suitable. For the evening, an ideal companion will be lipstick of a more saturated shade of the same colors.

2. Creamy hairs of hair. For blondes with such hair color - pink and coral saturated shades of lipstick.

3. Ashy shades of hair. Girls with this color are perfect peach, pink saturated shades, as well as some shades of red, except for crimson.

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