Lipstick for brunettes

Lipstick for brunettes: choose the right color

The image of a brunette is bright, bold, energetic. In choosing the shades of makeup, they were luckier than most, since dark-haired girls are suitable for most fashionable shades.

The shade of lipstick for brunettes should be bright, juicy, harmoniously combined with the color of the hair, skin and eyes. In this article, we will select suitable shades of lipstick for brunettes with different types of appearance.

Burning charcoal brunettes with a light ice-gray or blue eye tint are a rare, very beautiful combination. These women usually have bright china face skin. This image is similar to a fairy tale. Lips in this case need a contrasting shade of the cold palette - crimson, ruby, rich pink. In the evening make-up, dark red shades are appropriate.

Brunettes with green eyes usually have hair color with a warm chocolate or chestnut tint. Such girls are ideally suited lipstick of coral, scarlet, peach, caramel, golden brown tones.

Bright brunettes with brown eyes and a warm chocolate shade of hair are representatives of the autumnal color of appearance. The skin usually has a warm beige or bronze hue, has a golden or copper sub-tint. The ideal lipstick for autumn women is velvety warm shades of ocher, chocolate, golden orange, red, brick.

One of the rare color types of appearance among brunettes is the contrasting, noble image of a winter woman, when her hair has a cold brown-brown hue, her eyes are from dark brown to charcoal-dark, and her skin is surprisingly light, as if bleached. In this case, a lipstick of rich wine shades, plum, purple, burgundy, cherry color is suitable.

Brunettes can safely experiment with shades, try on different images of makeup. However, there is a small taboo - the lipstick of pale, pastel tones can ruin your image. Take care that the color of your lips is not paler than the skin, did not have a silvery "dirty" shade. If you are painting your lips in a natural color, the emphasis in makeup should be placed on the eyes.

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