Character by the shape of lipstick

Character by the shape of lipstick

Lipstick is an invariable attribute of female cosmetics, without which it is difficult to imagine a handbag for any girl.

As a rule, different manufacturers create their own lipstick design, emphasizing the shape of the tip of the lipstick, but over time this form undergoes changes that can tell a lot about their owner, and knowledgeable people easily determine the nature of lipstick. So, we distinguish round and pointed shape, concave tip, tip with a smooth inclination and with a smooth top.

Lipstick with a rounded shape can say that her mistress has an attractive charm, causes increased interest in the opposite sex, but often is overly principled. In addition, this girl is an excellent hostess, but she is quite relaxed and independent. It is also worth noting that she likes to argue, defending her own point of view, but at the same time she may contradict herself.

A woman who has a lipstick with a pointed form , freedom-loving and obstinate, it is difficult to drive her into any kind of framework, since any restrictions on her oppress her and she will not tolerate them. She also has honesty and frankness, and injustice displeases her and she fights against her in all possible ways. Such a girl is stubborn and obstinate, has charisma, so she easily copes with organizational functions.

If a girl has a lipstick with a concave tip , then most likely she is very addicted to nature, she has a high level of erudition, but sometimes she can even lie, and is also very interested in other people's affairs, so she likes gossip. With all this, she is very fond of close people and family, and also extremely clean and requires this from others.

Lipstick with a smooth slope characterizes its owner, as a very energetic and open person, about whom they say "the soul of the company". She is generous and loving, able to take offense at any little thing, but also forgives very quickly. Such women are always very hospitable, hospitable, however, most of their plans remain just plans. She is able to promise and forget about it, buy some unnecessary thing or talk all day on the phone.

An even shape of the top lipstick indicates that her mistress is not very diligent, because her energy is hitting the edge. Such women are best friends, never betraying their friends and never leaving them in trouble. She is very goal-oriented, but the embodiment of her plans depends on her mood. From the outside it may seem unassembled, but it is far from being so.

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