Composition of lipstick

Composition of lipstick. How to choose a safe lipstick

An irreplaceable assistant in creating a unique image is a lipstick, which for sure will be found in almost every woman's purse. However, the choice of this cosmetic product requires a careful approach. Before you buy a lipstick, you should first carefully study its composition.

The main components of modern lipstick are:

- wax provides the necessary consistency of lipstick;

- oils (castor, coconut, olive). They moisturize and nourish the lips, give lipstick gloss, provide ease of application;

- Lanolin helps to prevent crumbling or breakage of lipstick;

- Vaseline ;

- Coloring pigments .

In addition to the standard set of components, all in the composition of each lipstick, there are preservatives that retain its properties, as well as antioxidants to prevent the oxidative process. Also, lipstick can contain flavorings, fragrances, sunscreen component.

The composition of lipstick often includes substances that help improve the skin of the lips. These include vitamins A, E, folic acid, collagen, as well as various oils that have a protective and rejuvenating effect, for example, avocado oil, shea butter or tea tree oil.

Hazardous components in the composition of lipstick

However, knowing the basic composition of lipstick, you can not be completely confident in its safety. The fact is that often manufacturers indicate not the full composition of this cosmetic product. Thus, from the eyes of buyers just hide the presence of hazardous ingredients for the health of lipstick.

Very often in the lipstick, lead is hazardous to health, which is the cause of some health disorders and can cause a violation in the reproductive sphere of a woman.

In the composition of almost all lipsticks is Vaseline. Daily use of lipstick based on Vaseline, leads to the ingestion of the substance in the body in large quantities and can result in the development of unsafe diseases.

How to choose a safe lipstick?

More secure are expensive branded lipsticks and professional licensed cosmetics, which have a well-deserved reputation in the cosmetics market. Buy this cosmetics should be only in the proven stores, because the market is usually under the guise of branded cosmetics you will be offered a substandard counterfeit, capable of causing an allergic reaction.

As you know, beauty requires sacrifice, but is it worth sacrificing one's health? Be careful when choosing lipstick, because it only helps to become even more beautiful.

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