Powder composition

Powder refers to the products of decorative cosmetics. It is a flavored, fine dispersed homogeneous mixture that is used not only to improve the complexion, but also protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. The composition of the powder may be mineral or organic.

Powder composition

Until recently, the composition of powder included wheat or rice flour, rice starch and lead, all these components had a fairly negative effect on the skin of the face. They absorbed the skin secretions, because of what swelled and expanded the pores. Modern powders are very different from their predecessors in composition, due to which they ceased to have such harmful effects on the skin. Now in the composition of any quality powder is a mineral base - talc, as well as vegetable flour, white and red clay, kaolin, starch, potassium hydroxide, floral oils and various flavors, vitamin supplements and silk proteins can also be included. Lead in the composition of modern powder is no longer included, it was replaced with zinc oxide.

What is the main difference between conventional and mineral powder

The composition of ordinary powder includes natural and chemical components, but the quality mineral powder consists of natural products - it is a stone-minerals, which are crushed to the smallest powder. It is noteworthy that even the coloring pigments and retro-reflective particles that are part of the cosmetic product are also made from natural products. It is thanks to the light-reflecting particles that are part of the mineral powder, the skin acquires a special whiteness, freshness and flicker. Some not very respectable manufacturers replace pearls and mica with bismuth oxychloride, despite the fact that this component is harmless, but the quality of the powder is significantly reduced. For this reason, it is very important to carefully study the composition of the powder being purchased, otherwise it will be necessary to use low-quality cosmetics.

Which powder can be used on a daily basis, and which powders are most safe for the skin

Modern powders are an important cosmetic remedy, they are a kind of clothing for the face. Powder reliably protects the skin from ultraviolet light, dust and some harmful substances that are contained in the air. However, not all powders are for daily use.

For daily make-up, it is better to use loose powder, since it is considered to be the safest kind of make-up. The composition of such powder includes talc, natural dyes and non-medogenic emollients, which do not have any harmful effect on the skin. The composition of compact powder includes esters of fatty acids, some of which are comedogenic, for this reason they recommend only occasionally to correct make-up.

Also, powder may have a curative effect, such powders have a pronounced antiseptic effect, but they are not intended for daily use.

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