How to apply powder

How to apply powder

The first rule that make-up lovers should observe when applying powder on the face is to apply powder from the top down. Using this rule, the powder will qualitatively level the complexion, and help to hide the wide pores, to render dullness, and also to remove the oily shine of the skin. There are several types of powder , and each of them has its own features of applying to the skin.

How to apply a compact powder?

For today, compact powder can allow you to create a coating of different density. Compact powder is the most popular in women's use. Compact powder should be applied following these steps:

Step 1. As soon as your day cream or tonal base is absorbed, cut off the powder application, apply a compact powder evenly to the will is difficult, so apply it first to the middle of the forehead, nose and chin (the so-called T-zone). Walk a few times with a brush on the T-zone, since it has many fatty and sweaty glands.

Step 2. If you have problems during the day with the places of the T-zone, then you can easily wipe it with a damp napkin, then easily apply a compact powder, so as not to damage your makeup as a whole.

How to apply mineral powder?

The peculiarity of mineral powder is its natural composition, the effects of which are not caused by skin irritations (even if you have sensitive skin). For the best application of mineral powder, it is desirable to use a brush with natural pile:

Step 1. Apply the powder in a circular motion, and with a slight pressure, starting to drive from the contour of the face, moving to the center.

Step 2. Mineral powder can be applied in layers until the desired density appears for you.

How to apply friable powder?

Famous makeup artists advise that loose powder is easier to use at home, as it is easier to use, and it can be easily applied evenly to the face. For lovely ladies it is important to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1. After you have applied a tonal basis or a day cream, the powder should be applied after they are completely absorbed. Otherwise, the powder can form on the face of significant spots, as it fell on the face is not exactly.

Step 2. For convenient application of friable powder, you can use special brushes and puffs. Hint - for a uniform application of powder, a brush is best, and a puff can be used for the central part of the face.

Step 3. Take any tool that suits you best (brush / puff), and apply the powder in a circular motion to the periphery of the face. When you work out the contour of the face, you can proceed to the central part, and ending with the chin.

We put powder in balls

To apply powder in the balls, you can use brushes or a puff (velvet), preferably round and large, with natural pile.

Step 1. Before applying the powder, make sure that there is no skin peeling on the face, because scales of the skin can be noticed. The powder in the balls is applied with wide and light strokes on the face or neck, and also the decollete zone.

Step 2. The peculiarity of the powder is that you can apply it as eye shadow or blush.

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