Eyelash extension

Eyelash extensions help make the look deeper and more expressive, add attraction and charm to your appearance. Want to become the queen of the party or on vacation to look irresistible. Then this procedure is for you!

In the leading beauty salons, the following main types of eyelash extensions are produced: desalination or "Japanese" and beam or "Hollywood".

When the sperm-extension is applied to each individual cilium using a special resin, one is adhered one at a time. This is a very painstaking procedure, taking at least 2-3 hours, but it is worth trying though to enchant your eyes of others not less than 1 month.

With a beam build-up, a bundle of at least 5-6 artificial bunches is attached to each cilia. At the same time, not all eyelashes are covered with the beams, but an accent is made, for example, on the outer corners of the eyes. This procedure takes about an hour, but has several drawbacks. First, when a native cilium falls out, a whole bunch goes with it. Secondly, the bundles after a while start to break in and the view loses its attractiveness. Hold "Hollywood" eyelashes from 1 to 3 weeks.

In the fashion salons for the work on eyelash extension there is a guarantee, so even if the eyelashes start falling out the next day, a free correction is made.

Types of eyelash extensions

Artificial cilia for extension are available in different lengths and are short, medium and long. The material of manufacture is also different - natural hair or synthetic fibers. It is more preferable to choose natural ones, since artificial fibers cause eye irritation in case of eye contact. When choosing the length should be guided by the type of appearance. So excessively lush and long eyelashes will look spectacular on the bright lady with magnificent hair and large facial features, but are completely inappropriate for women with straight blond curls. Short cilia also may not adorn the exterior properly. But the cilia of medium length - a win-win option for almost all beauties.

The added eyelashes equally effectively look with a make up and without it. Qualitatively performed procedure will allow you to even swim in the sea and visit the sauna without spoiling the appearance. It is worth to refrain only from visiting the hot and humid Russian bath and SPA-procedures.

Removal of extensions of the eyelash is easy and quick with the help of any cosmetic product based on an oil base.

Contraindications to eyelash extension:

1) Allergic reaction to the components used in the procedure: glue, cilia, or both.

2) Dry skin of the eyelids, because without a moisturizer there is a network of wrinkles around the eyes.

3) Oily skin of the eyelids, because the cilia thus fall 2-3 times faster than with normal skin.

4) Weakness of the eyelashes, causing their increased loss.

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