How to choose a rouge. Types of blush

How to choose a rouge. Types of blush.

Blush is the final touch in make-up, but important enough. It is used to give a good, fresh color to the face, and also to make a correct face oval. However, you need to know how to choose the right blush.

The choice of blush depends on many factors:

1. Skin color

If you have a gently pink complexion, use a pinkish blush. If you are the owner of a light beige skin color, then the peach blush color is best for you. If your skin is ivory, then use a rouge of brown color. Girls with very fair complexion will approach colder shades of blush.

2. Age

Young girls prefer to use blush of light shades, for older adults - dark.

3. Type of face

Do not forget that when choosing the color of blush should pay attention to the oval face. In the place where the face is more convex and it is necessary to put the darkest point of blush.

3. The color of clothes

As it is not strange, but with the selection of blush should also take into account and clothing. If tonight you decide to wear something black or blue, then do not use a blush with a shade of yellow. Yellowish blush is best suited to brown clothes.

Types of blush

And what kind of blush? There are a lot of different types of blush:

1) dry blush . It can be a rouge in the form of balls, or in the form of powder, loose, compact.

2) blush - cream

3) liquid rouge , that is, in the form of a gel or mousse

4) blush in the form of foam

To properly choose the right kind, you need to determine the type of skin . If you have oily skin, the best option is to use dry blush. Dry blush will help you to create an ideal image. But, remember that they only need to be applied on powdered skin. If the skin of your face is dry, then use a cream - blush. They both moisturize and nourish the skin. Also for this type of skin, you can use a blush in the form of a foam. They hold out for a very long time, which is a huge plus. However, it is not very easy to apply, as it dries very quickly.

As for the liquid rouge, it is worth noting that they are the most stable, but it is very difficult to apply them. These blushers are suitable for both mature and oily skin. They look on the face very naturally and give it a healthy appearance.

If you choose the right blush for your skin type, you will certainly impress all friends and acquaintances with beautiful make-up!

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