Makeup for redheads

Women with red hair color amaze people around with the brightness and freshness of their image, it seems to be pushing for decisive actions and new life discoveries. Beauties of this type of appearance for many years have not come off the covers of glossy magazines, which indicates the persistence of this trend in the fashion world.

Meanwhile, red-haired people are relatively few by nature and therefore often brunettes and blondes who want to be in the center of attention are going to change the image, giving their hair shades of bright color.

On red-haired beauties looks great everyday make-up, because the choice of the desired color scale for them is almost unlimited and there is no need to create additional expressiveness to individual facial features, which is illuminated from the inside with a bright shine. But nevertheless, in order to correctly emphasize the uniqueness of the image, it is necessary to know several rules of make-up for the redhead.

1. Makeup for the red: the choice of tone

The choice of cosmetics is based on skin color. If the skin is too light, then use a tonal means of light beige or ivory shade. To smooth a very pale skin, a compact powder is used. If the skin is swarthy with a golden hue, then the tonal base of warm light colors is suitable. Freckles, if desired, are masked with a little dust, a corrective pencil and a cream with a faint tint. On the cheekbones are applied a blush of sand, bronze, apricot or peach hues, and to soften colors, powder with reflective particles is applied, giving the skin a faint glow.

2. Eye make-up

Eye makeup should avoid black and purple flowers, giving some vulgarity to the image of a red-haired lady. In the rest, you can choose as gentle warm colors, and contrasting cool shades. For a combination of red hair and green eyes are ideal, emphasizing expressiveness, green, gray-green, malachite or silvery shadows. For gray and blue eyes - gray and white shadows with reflective particles. For brown eyes, the color of the shadows is brown, golden, gray and marsh green. Eyeliner and mascara are selected from dark blue or brown shades.

3. Make up lips

When choosing a lipstick, it is important to consider what the emphasis is on make-up. To emphasize the lips you can apply bright colors of lipstick - red, scarlet or orange, but eye shadows while this should be restrained shades. If the make-up focuses on the eyes, then the lipstick is applied to soft, gentle shades - pink or peach.

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