Eye makeup with blue shadows: fashion images

Eye makeup with blue shadows: fashion images

Blue eyeshadow can visually emphasize the attractiveness of the look with povolokoy. And the darker and more intense the shade of the chosen cosmetics, the more eye-catching eyes stand out against the background of other facial features.

As a rule, eye makeup with blue shadows is carried out on exceptional occasions. Do not use the blue color of shadows for everyday images. A screaming blue or a muted shade of dark blue significantly enhances attention to the makeup of the girl's eyes.

In the case of using blue shadows, you should almost completely abandon the active colors of lipstick or lip gloss. Eyelids decorated with shades of shades of blue can be emphasized both in the line of growth of eyelashes, and on the surface of the upper and lower eyelids.

Who should use blue shadows?

The blue color is quite active, so it is hardly suitable for decorating the image for every day. And even more so you should not use make-up shades in business style. Focusing all attention on the eyes, the girl will distract business partners from business negotiations.

It is worth noting that the blue color of the shadows fit absolutely any type of appearance, but it is important to find the perfect shade. For blonde girls, the best option will be light blue or blue shadows.

To make the look more expressive, you should use mascara brown or blue. In this case, the blonde with light skin will shift attention from the shade of her skin to the color of the eyes. Dark-haired or red beauties can use this shade of shadows less carefully, resorting to a palette of light-blue, bright and rich shades of shadows.

However, in order to emphasize the nobility of the image, eyeliner or red lipstick should not be used. Otherwise, the image will turn out to be blurry and unattractive, but on the contrary, even vulgar.

Make-up recommendations using blue shadows

Depending on the occasion, as a supplement to the blue shadows, you can use black mascara or mascara for brown lashes. Black pencil or eyeliner along the line of growth of eyelashes of the upper eyelid also have a place to be.

Selection of rouge and lipstick for make-up with blue shadows

For the evening image, the blue shadows can be supplemented with a black eyeliner, as well as active black arrows on top of the blue shade of the eyelids. However, black mascara should be applied exclusively to the upper eyelid, leaving the lower eyelid more relaxed. In the choice of blush should adhere to the rule of selection by color and shade of the skin. Blue shades can be complemented not only with copper blush, but also with rosy pink and brown shades. Lipstick can be completely excluded from the image, replacing it with a colorless glossy luster.

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