How to draw arrows in front of a pencil

How to draw arrows in front of a pencil

Even in ancient times, they began to paint their eyes and draw arrows in front of their eyes. Even in spite of the fact that today you can find in the stores a huge number of different eyeliner, it is still better to draw arrows in front of a pencil. Each arrow can visually change the section of the eye and give it a certain expression, and it happens to be of a very different shape.

Cosmetic pencils are different: soft and solid, colored and black, so to draw a clear line, it is better to use a hard pencil, because it lasts long before our eyes with it, you can correct the shape of the eyebrows and depict beautiful thin arrows. And soft ones are used for saturated line drawing, and are indispensable if you need to make wider arrows that perfectly shade and have a rich color, but are less resistant to water.

As for colors, a black pencil is considered to be classical for the eyes, but its use requires caution, since plentiful black eyeliner is not recommended for women with small eyes, since it will make them even narrower. Purple, black, plum, brown, olive eyeliner is suitable for dark brunettes, and representatives of red hair can choose gray, terracotta, bronze pencil. In the summer, especially young girls can afford a pencil for eyes green, yellow and even pink flowers.

To correctly draw the arrows in the eyes, it is necessary to lean against the elbow of the drawing hand, in order to avoid unnecessary zigzags, while at the eye level there must be a mirror. During the application of the upper hand, it is convenient to cover the eyes half-closed, and it is more convenient for some girls to close their eyes completely and pull the eyelid slightly aside, but you can not squint your eye. Gets accurate arrows that are drawn without interruption in one motion. If you want to make a wide line, then you need to draw it over the previously drawn thin. Between the arrow itself and the line of eyelash growth, there should be no unpainted space, and the contour itself should be applied over the shadows. And it is very important that the arrows are symmetrical in both eyes, and the arrow should be thin in the inner, than in the outer corner of the eye.

An excellent standard for the shape of the eye is considered to be almond-shaped, since such owners can afford arrows of almost any shape. A round eyes, it is necessary to make more elongated, so the edge of the upper eyelid is removed from the line of the eyeliner, lifting to the temples. If the eyes are large, then you can bring the lower eyelid, while lowering the line slightly in the corners. Rounding requires narrow eyes and for this make the arrow thin in the corners, and in the center it thickens. The size and shape of the arrows depends only on your imagination.

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