Styles of make-up

Styles and types of makeup

There are many styles in make-up, each of them is subject to certain rules. Every woman wants to choose her most optimal style, which will correspond to her type of appearance, facial features, and even character.

Going to a party or to work, a woman is constantly faced with a choice: how to best identify the eyes, choose a bright or muffled tone of lipstick. In this article we will try to figure out what type of makeup will be appropriate in a business, festive atmosphere or at a glamorous party.

evening make-up

Evening style make-up is worth choosing if you are going on a romantic date, to the theater, to a cocktail party or to a celebratory event. In the evening, under artificial lighting, it is permissible to apply make-up more bold and bright. If you want to charm the eyes of your interlocutor, you should focus on the eyes. You can use a special technique of applying makeup "smoky eyes", when using dark saturated shadows creates a spectacular smoky gloss around the eyes. Evening make-up provides for the use of a rich line. Draw the outline of the eyes both from above and from below.

Mascara can be applied in several layers to make the eyelashes longer and thicker. A more gentle and romantic look can be achieved by using a twisting brush, it will give a gentle bend to the eyelashes.

Give your lips a transparent radiant shine, the color of lipstick while it is worth choosing a soft, muffled.

Oriental style makeup

Oriental makeup is often chosen by energetic, temperamental people. It perfectly emphasizes the beauty of swarthy dark-haired girls with brown eyes. This is a bright and bold makeup, which is more suitable for festive and evening activities. The distinctive features of oriental make-up are long black arrows on the eyes, bright dark eyebrows, dyed lashes and shiny shadows on the eyelids.

Oriental style makeup has several directions: Arabic, Asian, Japanese.

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