Summer makeup

When applying the summer makeup, preference is given to creams and lipsticks of bright, saturated colors that have properties that do not flow down the face from high air temperature and do not clog the pores of the skin.

In order to make you look irresistible in summer make-up, you should follow the following recommendations:

1. To protect from sunlight, apply sunscreen on your skin beforehand.

2. To avoid sweating of the face, use a clear foundation with a light texture as a make-up base.

3. For make-up correction during the day, use special wipes that absorb the sebaceous gloss well.

When choosing a tonal remedy that you will use in the summer, remember that it should be imperceptible on the face, hide the small flaws of the skin, do not shine and not tighten it. If you prefer powder, then in summer it is better to use it in crumbly form. It perfectly fixes the liquid foundation for make-up. On the sunburnt skin the powder with pearl effect looks best.

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