Makeup for teenagers

Girls already from an early age are interested in mother's cosmetics and there is nothing surprising in this, because the desire for external attractiveness is inherent in them from nature itself.

There comes a time when the young lady wants to try on make-up to feel like a real beauty and catch the admiring glances of others. But parents and children need to remember that teenage make-up, due to a number of features, is significantly different from what adults can afford.

Here are some recommendations that adolescent girls should adhere to when applying makeup.

Select a makeup tone for teens.

The choice of cosmetics should be based on the main feature of makeup for teenagers - to emphasize the natural charm of youth and beauty. Therefore, the tone and powder for more mature skin, which apply to the mother or older sister, you are strongly not suitable, because they can give the opposite effect, adding a few years of age.

It is best to use a foundation of light structure, corresponding to the shade of your skin, or colorless. In order to hide the inherent small age defects of the skin (for example, acne), do not apply a large amount of a tone that can only further emphasize them. In this case, use a concealer and a light friable powder, making it fix with neat movements using a brush. When choosing the color of the foundation and powder, follow the rule: the lighter the color of the hair and facial skin, the lighter the base.

Blush in teenage make-up is not recommended. It is advisable to give freshness to the face color, apply a small amount of powder of a darker shade on the cheekbones.

Eye makeup for teens

With eye makeup it is important to observe moderation in order to profitably reflect the tenderness and beauty of the look. Therefore use shades of light calm tones and pencils of soft shades of gray, brown or peach color. But it's better not to use young, beautiful, green, blue and purple colors. To make your image consistent with age, the line must be very thin and the mascara should only slightly emphasize the beauty of the eyelashes.

Lip makeup for teens

When lip makeup do not use lipstick brightly evocative colors. It is better to look at you lipstick of delicate pink or coral shades. You can also use a transparent gloss, which is applied in a thin layer on the middle of your lips, to make your lips look better and more attractive. At the same time, use hygienic lipstick with sun protection as a basis for shine. Use a pencil with a care to avoid blurring.

Most importantly, remember that the basis of beautiful teenage makeup is a gentle, well-groomed skin. Therefore, observe hygiene and constantly moisturize your face with creams and cosmetics specially designed for adolescence.

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