How to choose eye shadows

How to choose eye shadows

Modern makeup artists offer a variety of interesting and interesting solutions on how to decorate and emphasize the beauty of the eyes, lengthen the eyelashes and give expressiveness, and languid eyes. This view, about which one can say that his heart freezes and makes him beat faster. All these "things" that are subject to seemingly only sophisticated stylists and makeup artists are in fact a simple thing that every woman needs in everyday life.

How to choose eye shadows is not an easy question, it all depends on what shade the cornea of ​​the eye and the skin in general have. The lighter the shade of the skin, the more pronounced will be wrinkles and wrinkles. Especially in the course of time, when the age of a woman will pass from the line of Balzakowski.

So, for example, shadows compact have a good, light basis and most often the range of these shadows is quite diverse, so you can apply them, as redheaded, and brunettes, and blondes. If a girl who wants to emphasize her image, brings in the palette of compact shadows of a dark shade on the lower eyelid and light, bronze on the upper, then this approach will provide her expressive eyes, and give them depth. Especially this theme is suitable for blondes and fair-haired ladies.

Choosing eye shadows for a crumbly texture , you can easily create an image of a romantic and lightweight, weightless lady. Such shadows should be chosen for blondes-a deep and greenish shade, and for brunettes brown and bronze.

How to choose eye shadows with a shade of their color?

If the lady has green , cat eyes, then, as experts advise, golden, pink, peach shades will suit her. It looks good on such eyes, combining several shades at once, so you can, for example, begin to paint the upper corner of the eye with light golden shadows, and finish the image with dark brown or dark gray. Eyes with this, as it were, open to meet the interlocutor, and creates a sense of depth.

Shades of shadows for green eyes

Those who have gray and blue hues of the cornea, it is worth paying attention to the palette of pink, violet, silvery shadows, in one word all those colors that are soft and thin, and do not cut their eyes with their saturation.

Choose shadows for blue eyes

But those ladies who have brown eyes , can experiment with almost any color, from yellow to black. The most interesting option for such individuals is the dark shades of blue. This shade of shadows looks good on any skin, and fits like a lady with darker brown eyes, and those with lighter colors of brown in the palette of the eye.

Choose the shadows for the brown eyes

It remains to note only the owner of gray eyes, they should choose eye shadow in the palette scheme, which is red. It can be both pink and saturated dark purple, in addition, it looks good on such eyes and gray shadows of all shades.

Suitable shadows for gray eyes

How to choose eye shadow , answering this question, stylists on the image, all without words advise only one thing-it is NEVER TO CHOOSE those shadows that are the same color with your eye tint, it can just discolor them and completely erase all the signs of beauty from your face. And, of course, you should not discount such subtleties as make-up time, its varieties, and style, in clothes that should harmonize with your shadows, to emphasize your view to open it, and open up to new adventures.

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