How to apply shadows to the eyelids

How to apply shadows to the eyelids

Shadows are an excellent tool for giving depth and charm to a woman's look. But sometimes their incorrect application or the wrong shade can ruin the beauty of even the nicest eyes.

"How to apply shadows to the eyelids in order to achieve maximum charm?" - this question excites virtually every female representative.

Let's start in order. First, you should thoroughly decide on the appropriate color scheme of shadows.

Skin tone and color of shadows

For pale skin, the whole spectrum of color solutions is suitable, but it is necessary to choose shades lighter, especially for the day image. If the skin color of a girl with dark hair, then she can sometimes choose shadows darker.

For skin with an olive shade - the whole range of brown tone, including golden shades. To make the eyes more expressive, you can experiment with rich green, blue-indigo and lilac shades.

Skin with golden tint - light gray, calm blue, lilac or pink shades. If you apply one of these colors to the tone of the darker on the fold of the eyelid, you can make a more explicit focus on the eyes.

Swarthy girls - brown, blue, green shades with mother of pearl or sparkles.

Shades of eye shadow

The owners of green eyes are light yellow, beige, yellow-brown, chestnut, orange, coral, purple, golden, copper and green shades.

Palette of shadows for green eyes

Blue-eyed - black, gray, peach, yellow, pink, gold and violet shades.

Palette of shadows for blue eyes

The charm of the brown peephole is emphasized by brown, beige, gold, light yellow, white, purple, copper, green and orange shade solutions.

Palette of shadows for brown eyes

Holders of gray eyes can afford almost any experiments with shade. Gray eyes favorably emphasize the silvery hues. Metal shine will give you a twist.

Palette of shadows for gray eyes

For the daytime image, it is preferable to choose more calm light tones, and for the evening one - more intense ones. To achieve this intensity, you can specifically buy shadows of dark shades, so blend the light shadows with black or saturation-gray ways of their alternate application and feathering on the eyelid.

Technology "How to apply shadows to eyelids?"

1. cleanse the skin of the eyes from previous make-up or from other types of contaminants;

2. disguise (if necessary) black circles concealer - more often this nuance of the skin under the eyes spoils all the glory of the look;

3. put the foundation under the shadows - this will ensure the reliability of the shadows;

4. The brightest shade obscure the eyelid;

5. the main tone to cover the mobile eyelid;

6. At the base of the eyelashes to hold more saturated shadows;

7. use the white shadows under the eyebrows;

8. if necessary, draw arrows with a pencil over the shadows or liquid eyeliner ;

9. Cover the eyelashes with mascara.

Correct application of shadows will provide each girl with constant male attention and envious glances of rivals.

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