Mascara for hair: how to choose and how to apply

Mascara for hair: how to choose and how to apply

In contrast to hair dye, hair mascara is harmless in composition, and often includes hair-friendly components. Such as moisturizing ingredients, panthenol, keratin, which not only does not spoil, but also strengthens the hair.

Mascara for hair is easily washed off with water and shampoo and with the help of this tool you can easily change the appearance even every day.

In the end, in order to change its appearance with the help of mascara, it will take only a couple of minutes.

So, how to choose mascara for hair?

First of all, pay attention to the quality of the goods. On the package of the product, the ingredients entering into the ink are always written. Make sure that mascara has nutritional or protective qualities.

Mascara for hair should lie flat and do not crumble. It should not give off an unpleasant smell.

Also on the tube should be indicated the expiry date of the goods, make sure that the product is not overdue.

The package contains information about the manufacturer of this cosmetic product and the amount of carcass.

Remember that mascara for hair changes their color temporarily, before the first wash. To paint the gray hair or lighten the hair this means is not suitable. Unless you can temporarily disguise the gray hair.

But mascara for hair is great for making hair color more saturated.

Basically, ink for hair is used when they want to dye individual strands of hair in different tones. Thus you can create your own unique image, always look charming and original, without resorting to a cardinal change of hair color with the help of paint.

How to use mascara for hair?

1. Mascara is always applied only to dry hair. If you are going to a sauna or a swimming pool, then you can not use this hair cosmetics - it will be washed with water.

2. Ink for hair should be applied with a special brush. The more qualitative the ink, the more uniform and better it will envelop the hair from all sides.

3. The owners of short haircuts apply mascara in small strokes, creating the impression of playing light on the hair.

4. Long strands should be painted completely, starting from the roots of the hair.

After applying the mascara, you can not comb the hair, remember, this is the final make-up.

Mascara for hair: choose color

Bold girls who love to experiment with their appearance can use bright colors to color the strands - red, green, blue, white.

For parties the best suited are carcasses of golden or silver shades.

If you just want to make the main color of hair more intense and interesting, then the carcass color should be in the same color range and slightly darker or brighter than the primary color.

To remove the effect of coloring hair with mascara, it is sometimes enough to just comb your hair.

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