How to increase your eyes with makeup

enlarge your eyes with makeup

How to increase your eyes with makeup

The eyes are the most expressive part of the face. However, the shape of the eyes is not perfect for all women. But every woman uses her secrets.

It is known that with the help of make-up you can visually change the shape of the eyes, increase or decrease their size. Most women dream of large, expressive eyes. For them - our next advice.

A game of shadows

If you need to visually enlarge your eyes, play with light shades of shadows. Apply on any of the following shades: beige, cream, light yellow, silvery, white. Shadows should be applied to the upper eyelid, as well as to the podbrovnoe space.

If the eyes are widely set, use shadows of the same shade as the eyes - green, black, brown, yellow-green, purple. You can add a little pearl luster to the upper eyelids. Apply to the fold of the century darker shadows.

Furry cilia will increase the eyes

To increase the size of the eyes, eyelashes can play a huge role. Apply mascara, try to twist the cilia. So you make the eyes more open and airy. Make sure that mascara is applied evenly, the tips of the eyelashes should also be underlined, like the base.

Tip: if you are not a happy owner of thick long eyelashes, try using invoices. The eyes will appear much larger and more expressive.

The shape of the eyebrows works wonders

Pay attention to the shape of the eyebrows. Beautifully outlined eyebrows, decorated in the form of a high arc, draw attention to the eyes and visually increase them.

How to enlarge the eyes with a contour pencil

Try using a white eyeliner. Do not worry, it only sounds terrible, but in fact, the white outline significantly increases the eyes. Pencil along the inner corners of the eyes in the upper and lower eyelids. The result will surprise you!

Narrow eyes can be visually expanded with a contour pencil. Draw the contours of the upper and lower eyelid with a pencil, a little away from the ciliary edge. Then lightly shade the lines.

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