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A distinctive feature of the evening make-up from the daytime is the evocative bright colors that give your image a radiance and appeal. These colors should look great with the artificial lighting, characteristic for the evening or night. The emphasis should be on giving maximum expression to the eyes and lips. Ideally applied evening make-up should be in harmony with your clothes, accessories and hair.

In the process of creating your evening image, you can give vent to your imagination and experiment with different colors to show your style and express your mood. But still there are several rules for applying evening makeup adherence which will help you to look spectacular and be in the center of attention.

1. Choose a foundation for evening make-up. Correctly selected tonal basis promotes that make-up for a long time kept freshness, corrects skin imperfections and smooths complexion. For uniformity of application, the substrate is applied with a slightly moistened sponge with pinpoint motions with feathering towards the sides of the center. The color of the tone is selected depending on the brightness of the lighting. The brighter the light, the darker the tonal cream shade should be.

2. To consolidate the tone, the powder of the loose structure, which is better applied to the skin, is best suited, emphasizing its natural smoothness. The powder should be on a lighter shade than the base and spread evenly over the skin with the help of a broad brush.

3. When applying shadows in evening make-up, the following sequence should be followed:

- eyebrows are allocated with the help of shadows or a pencil of light shades for fair-haired beauties, dark shades for dark-haired;

- The eyelids are distinguished by shadows of bright colors, which emphasize the shape of the eyes, giving them maximum expressiveness;

- for giving a festive make-up, liquid eyeliner is applied in the eye area.

4. For the uniformity of applying mascara to the eyelashes, they must first be slightly powdered. To make the eyelashes long and fluffy, the ink must be applied using a brush smoothly moving from root to tip. In order to make the look more attractive, it is allowed to paste several false eyelashes at the outer edge of the eyes.

5. When applying lipstick on the lips, they should be made more expressive if the eye makeup is performed in calm tones. In the opposite case, attention to the lips is not emphasized. For evening makeup, lipstick of saturated colors, such as bright pink or red, suits perfectly.

6. At the final stage of evening make-up, make sure you use blush to create a compelling image. They are applied in the area of ​​the cheekbone by a thin layer with the help of a brush. The color of the blush should be brighter and more intense than with daytime make-up.

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