Wedding make-up

On the eve of the wedding, the bride must experiment in advance and choose the version of make-up that will be on her on this solemn date. Correctly matched wedding make-up takes into account the color of eyes and hair, the shade of the skin and, of course, the wedding dress.

The basic rules that must be followed when applying a wedding makeup:

1. For the make-up, calm pastel colors are chosen. Ornaments on the bride look admirable, if the used foundation is lighter than the natural color of the skin and is applied not only to the face, but also to the open areas of the body and to the neck and décolleté.

2. When choosing the color of blush, preference is given to peach and pink shades. To give expressiveness and contrast, the blush on the cheeks is painted more brightly than on the cheekbones.

3. The upper eyelids are highlighted by shadows of two colors, especially bright is a combination of shades of silver and mother-of-pearl.

4. For the visual separation of the eye section, a pencil is used: for brunettes - black, for blondes and brown-haired - gray or brown.

5. The color of the eyeliner should ideally be combined with shadows and mascara.

6. To avoid spreading, mascara is best used waterproof. Eyelashes before application of mascara need to be twisted with special tweezers.

7. The natural shade of lipstick for lips will give the image of the bride freshness and expressiveness. It is better to use a sturdy lipstick to avoid erasing it with the numerous kisses characteristic for this day.

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