How to choose makeup

How to choose a makeup palette by type of appearance

After you have determined your type of appearance , you can easily find an individual color range of makeup. After all, the main secret in choosing the right shades is harmony with the eyes, hair and skin. The same rules apply to clothes, if it is in harmony with your color type, then it will emphasize your beauty and personality.

how to choose makeup

Woman "winter"

For a woman of the winter type, bright lipstick, black mascara and light powder are suitable. The main color accent must be made on cold and bright colors of medium and maximum saturation - gray, black, white, bright blue, bright yellow lemon. Successfully look blue colors from silvery-blue, turquoise to blue-violet, and also all variants of cold pink: from luminescent to cyclamen, ruby, cherry and burgundy, black, white, bright blue, bright yellow.

Makeup . Make-up of the winter type should be bright, contrasting, but moderate in quantity. The tonal cream is light with pink or olive-beige (for the southern type of skin) shade. The tone of rouge is cold pink. Pencil for eyes - black, gray, dark blue. Ink for eyelashes - black, violet, blue, eggplant, gray-brown. Shadows - milky-creamy, white, bright-lilac, pink, gray-pink, beige-pink, golden-silvery, purple, lilac, indigo, gray-brown, gray-blue, dark blue, emerald green. Lipstick: cold pink, red with a blue tint, amethyst, cherry, fig.

The palette for make-up of the color type "Winter"

Color in clothes and colors for the color "Winter"

Hair color . Cold colors with a bluish reflection, silvery-light, eggplant, ruby, pomegranate, ash-brown, black. To a winter woman to become a blonde, you can not choose yellow or rusty hues, and silvery or bluish shades. For light strands, the same principle.

What color hair will suit you?

Color of clothes . The contrast of the winter type will emphasize the classic black and white gamma, as well as clothing of bright blue and yellow tones. Also suitable ruby, bright pink, purple, dark purple, emerald colors. Light colors - gray, beige and orange, milky-brown, peach try to avoid. Ornaments also choose cool tones - bright and silvery (silver, white metal), as well as pearls of cool white, bluish and black tones.

how to choose makeup

Woman "summer"

Also refers to the cold type. Summer is approached by muted, fuzzy colors: smoky blue, blue-blue, lilac, asphalt, brownish-pink, ripe cherry. Refreshing look purple, pink and lilac scale, gentle shades, blue, pistachio, also gray, crimson, cherry (not dark).

Makeup . It is applied moderately. The most suitable alternation of warm and cold colors in make-up and clothing. You can use silvery tones of lipstick, shadows, nail polish. Mother-of-pearl glitter adorns a woman-summer. Accent should be done either on the eyes or on the lips. The tonal cream will fit a light beige, pink. Blush - transparent pink. Pencil for eyes - gray, dark blue, black. Mascara is dark brown, dark blue, purple, pale blue, gray, possibly black. Shadows - milky-creamy, grayish-bluish, bright pink, greyish-lilac, greyish-brown, grayish-lilac, dark gray, eggplant, blue, green. Lipstick - pink scales, strawberries with cream, smoky-violet, tender cherry and lilac shades are possible.

A palette for a make-up of a color-type "Summer"

Colors in clothes and style of the color-type "Summer"

Hair color . Summer type is contraindicated to dye your hair in a too dark color to avoid unwanted contrasts with the skin. You will be refreshed with silvery melted strands, light, medium, dark brown, chestnut, nutty shades with characteristic ashy tone, as well as silver or platinum-light colors.

Clothes . Adhere to gentle muted shades - lilac, smoky, gray, pink, blue, dark red, light and dark turquoise, dark blue, lemon-yellow, brownish-pink, ripe cherry. Avoid clothes black, white, orange, green, beige, yellow, apricot, golden colors. Choose jewelry from cold silvery metal. Yellow gold does not suit you.

how to choose makeup

Woman "Spring"

Looks young and fresh in warm colors. The spring type is suitable for delicate, pastel warm colors, natural colors of nature. Its colors are pure, uncomplicated. Sharp boundaries and contrasts should be avoided, bright, flashy colors are unacceptable. Cold shades of spring do not go. Primary colors. Yellow range from yellowish-beige to golden brown, green range from yellow-green to emerald and blue turquoise; shades of red - poppy, young carrots, lime; gentle and light bluish-gray colors; orange, peach, pale cream, beige, lilac.

Makeup . It's better not to use dark tones, your goal is to emphasize natural colors. The tonal cream is a gentle light beige. Blush - peach, apricot. Eye pencil - gray or brown. Ink for eyelashes - blue, green, gray-brown, under the color of the eyes (but not black). Shadows are brownish-yellow, beige-golden, gray, greenish (but not white), coral, brownish-pink, aquamarine. Lipstick should not be too bright, better muted tones - walnut, tender pink, peach, coral, light purple, opal, alexandrite, topaz, light bronze.

The palette for make-up of the color-type "Spring"

Colors in clothes and style for the color-type "Spring"

Hair color . Golden main tone, melirovanie (but not silvery prjadki) and warm red, golden-yellow, honey colors.

Clothes . Dress in a warm light color scheme. You will like green, olive, peach, apricot, salmon, gray-blue, coral, golden-beige, cream, milk chocolate, tender-violet, orange, lilac, pink, sunny-yellow. Avoid contrasts - black, white, red, blue and dark colors. Ornaments - in a gentle golden palette.

how to choose makeup

The woman "autumn"

Femininity of the autumn is emphasized by warm, bright and gentle colors in clothes and make-up. Adhere to the shades of red and yellow scale, the color of golden autumn. Colors: brown with golden and copper shade, khaki, yellow, gold, orange, olive, beige-golden and beige-terracotta, apricot, green turquoise. Avoid black, bright white, blue, gray, blue, silver.

Makeup . Apply moderately, it's best to look natural make-up, although bright colors will also look natural. Good tone of autumn nature. Too light shades muffle bright autumn colors. Eliminate cold tones. Focus on your eyes or on your lips. If there are freckles, try to hide them. The tonal cream is bronze, light beige with the addition of yellow or light brown. Blush is brick color. Pencil for eyes - dark brown. Ink for eyelashes - brown tones, possibly dark-marsh tones. Shades - beige-golden, beige-terracotta, beige-olive, khaki, brick, reddish, brick, olive, marsh. Lipstick - copper, red and coral tones, brick-terracotta, golden-bronze, golden brown, copper.

The palette for make-up of the color type "Autumn"

Color in clothes and style for make-up of the color-type "Autumn"

Hair color . Hair should be darker, compared with the spring type. Shades from red-gold to brown with a reddish tinge. When lighting strands - the same tone. Cold shades - light silvery and bluish do not fit.

Clothes . You will be decorated with warm yellow-brown tints - golden-honey, golden-beige, dark chocolate brown, yellow, orange shades, as well as shades of fading greens, marsh, olive, khaki, also plum, purple. Avoid gray, blue, black. Jewelry choose from bright yellow metals, amber, corals, yellowish pearls, wood.

Based on the above tips, you will always be dressed with taste, and your make-up will be harmonious and unrepeatable.

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