Makeup for the brown eyes

brown eye make-up


With the help of eyeliner, you can create a unique make-up in Arabic style.

Oriental makeup will give you tenderness in your eyes and your loved one will not take your eyes off you until morning.

A characteristic feature of the oriental style of makeup is the eyeliner along the very cilia along the upper eyelid and is very thin and neat along the lower one. When doing make-up, you need to slightly lift the outer corners of your irresistible brown eyes, giving them the shape of a cat's bend. To achieve maximum effect, the color of the liner must be black.

Elegant brush strokes of olive, chestnut golden hues create the completeness of the image of the oriental beauty.

A few properly rendered shades of shades of the same scale will give uniqueness and mystery to your look.

For brown eyes, the transition in make-up should be gradual, from the lightest in the inner corners of the upper eyelid, to the dark ones saturated on the outer eyelids at the very tips.

Shadows for the brown eyes

Matching the color of the shadows to the color of your eyes is considered the "golden" rule of perfect make-up. In our case, in make-up it is necessary to emphasize the mysterious depth, natural freshness and unusual brightness of brown hues, with which it is necessary to highlight or correct the shape of the eyes and in no case to randomly color the entire set of the palette.

Ideal shadows for brown eyes will be the following shades:

Olive-brown range is ideal for light-brown eyes, when the skin has a dark, warm color.

For owners of burning black hair, an expressive dark blue scale is suitable, which looks simply charming. The main feature here is not the density, but the lightness and accuracy of applying shadows in the very cilia at the outer corners of the eyes.

Women who have ideally white skin with a matte shade for make-up are most suited to saturated cold colors : fuchsia, greenish-marine, bright blue.

Magnificent and solemn is the combination of clothes, hair color, applied lipstick and, mainly, the inner state of mind with the competent make-up of your brown eyes.


Disputes about the advisability of using black mascara while doing make-up for women with brown eyes do not cease among the leading make-up artists.

Therefore, it is necessary to highlight the following trends in the field of brown eyes makeup:

Ideally black mascara is suitable only for burning brunettes. She emphasizes the passion and attraction of their eyes. In the case if the hair is light shades, then the most acceptable option is brown mascara.

The use of mascara, increasing the volume of eyelashes, brown-eyed and dark-haired beauties is not necessary, because the cilia are naturally more dense in them.

When you make up the brown eyes, you should not paint your eyelashes densely, as this will look inaccurate. The best option is to separate each cilium, applying mascara with accurate even strokes.

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