Home hair masks

Moisturizing hair masks

Moisturizing the hair is the first help to the curls in the loss of beauty and shine. Hair that has lost moisture looks dull, dry and lifeless.

Nourishing masks:

Healthy hair needs nutrients, losing which curls begin to fade and crack. Home nourishing masks provide hair with the necessary elements.

Masks for hair from mustard

Due to its burning and drying properties, it improves the blood supply to the scalp, absorbs excess fat, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands.

Masks for hair with peppers

Hair loss for many women is a tragedy. There are many home masks for stimulating hair growth. The most effective in the opinion of many is tincture of pepper.

Gelatin masks for shine

Masks for hair made of gelatin have an amazing result, which can be compared with the lamination of hair. Gelatin covers the hair with a thin nutrient film, which saturates the hair with protein.

Nourishing oils for hair

Cosmetic oils give our hair valuable nutrients. It is a natural source of proteins, vitamins and minerals that have a beneficial effect on the structure of our hair.

Onion masks

In onions contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for our hair. Due to its bactericidal properties, the onion heals the skin, helps with dandruff.

Masks for hair from aloe

Aloe is one of the most accessible effective means for strengthening and growth of hair, which is always at hand for almost every mistress. Aloe juice contains a rich composition of vitamins and microelements

Honey for hair

Honey can be considered a panacea for the beauty and health of our hair. It includes about 400 important nutrients necessary for recovery and growth.

Nutritious masks from yeast

Yeast contains the most essential substances that contribute to the growth of our hair. The composition of yeast is a protein from which the structure of hair is built, as well as all the vitamins of group B

Burdock oil for hair

It has a rich composition of vitamins and elements, as well as inulin, protein, tannins, useful acids. Burdock oil helps with hair loss, stimulates their growth

Masks with vitamins

If you add vitamins to the composition of nourishing hair masks, they will work right on the destination. The composition of the masks is quite simple, but the effect from them has long been appreciated by many beauties.

Beer for hair:

The use of beer for hair is common to many women. The composition of this nutritious drink includes vitamins of group B and microelements - copper, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, affecting the beauty of the hair.

Masks for hair from eggs

Chicken eggs are the richest natural source of protein, vitamins and minerals for hair. Masks for hair from eggs work as a building material for the structure of hair, saturate the roots with the necessary substances.

Masks with mayonnaise for hair

Masks with mayonnaise are the most popular and often used. After all, this nutritious product for the hair, which contains yolks, vegetable oil and mustard is always at hand.

Chocolate for hair:

This sweet, fragrant delicacy has long been the main composition for many cosmetics, including hair masks. High caffeine content stimulates hair growth

Masks made of chamomile for hair

Decoction of chamomile flowers is a simple and effective means of moisturizing the hair. Camomile will help make hair shiny and obedient, smooth out the structure of the curls, will give a beautiful shine.

Nourishing masks from bread

The composition of black bread includes a huge amount of vitamins and nutrients that improve the structure of the hair, increase their volume and prevent loss.

Lemon for hair:

Lemon in large quantities contains vitamins and essential oils that heal the hair and scalp, strengthen their structure and stop the loss.

Hot masks for hair

These masks are applied to the roots of hair in a warmed state. Hot masks will save lifeless curls after a hot hair dryer, a paint rack or curl, prevent brittleness, give shine.

Moisturizing masks with milk

Milk is rich in proteins, fats and calcium. These components perfectly nourish the hair and cope with the dryness of the curls, give shine and silky.

Coffee for hair:

After coffee masks for hair instantly disappear dullness and lifelessness, stops falling out, dandruff is cured.

Cognac for hair:

Cognac for hair since antiquity was considered the best means for a density and growth of ringlets. Masks with cognac are able to activate the blood circulation of the scalp.

Masks against hair loss

If your hair is heavily falling out, then you have cause for concern. It is necessary to take measures in time, otherwise you risk forever to stay with a rare, delicate hairdo.

Masks for oily hair

In folk medicine, a large number of natural masks for oily hair are known to help solve many problems - to reduce the secretion of sebum and improve the appearance of the hair.

Masks for rapid hair growth

Far from all have the patience to grow long hair - in some they grow very slowly, others sekutsya, break and get neglected appearance.

Masks for dry hair

In cosmetology, several types of nutrient oils for hair care are used, which perfectly nourish dry hair, smooth the structure, and stimulate growth.

Masks for fine hair

Thin hair causes problems when laying, quickly lose shape, often become dry and brittle. With the help of home masks can strengthen thin hair, provide the necessary nutrition.

Home Masks for Dandruff

Dandruff - one of the most common problems with hair, caused by increased dryness of the scalp. Masks from the arsenal of traditional medicine are very popular.

Red pepper for hair

If you would like to grow a long hair and every day to pamper yourself with a new hairdo, try red pepper - a powerful tool for stimulating hair growth.