Home hair masks

Masks from kefir for dry hair

Kefir is one of the favorite drinks for our hair, because it contains protein and calcium, yeast, lactic acid sticks, vitamins, which help strengthen, nourish and restore the curls.

Nettle for hair: recipes for therapeutic masks

Nettle is able to strengthen the roots of hair, stop loss, eliminate dandruff. Due to the high content of vitamins, the decoction of nettle is often used to improve the structure of the hair.

Clay masks for hair cleansing

Masks for hair from clay - the first stredstvo at the high fat content of curls. Clay perfectly cleanses the hair, cleans the scalp from the slag, and saturates the microelements.

Masks from sour cream for moisturizing and nourishing hair

Sour cream is a natural source of proteins, fats, amino acids and vitamins A, C, E, PP and Group B, useful for hair growth. This makes it possible to use it in nourishing hair masks.

Olive oil for hair: recipes for nourishing masks

Olive oil from the ancient times used for hair care. This unique storehouse of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, which restore the structure of the hair and nourish the scalp.

Masks for damaged, weak hair

Masks for damaged hair should consist of special ingredients that gently nourish and care for weakened hair, do not dry.

Mummy for hair: medicinal properties, masks recipes

Due to the high content of microelements, the mummy is added to the masks for strengthening the hair. This means increases the flow of blood to the hair, enriches the hair with zinc and copper, which quickly reflects on the growth of hair.

Masks with sea salt for strengthening hair

Sea salt is a source of health benefits for micronutrients, such as iodine, sodium, calcium, iron, and many others. Sea salt can increase blood circulation and saturate tissues with oxygen.

Healing masks with colorless henna

Colorless henna for hair is a natural component, which is made of lavson. Masks with henna will help smooth out the hair, give shine, make them obedient and more voluminous.

Clarifying masks with cinnamon and honey

Cinnamon - not just a tasty spice, but also a powerful tool for strengthening hair. Cinnamon is added to hair masks to improve their growth, improve blood circulation of hair follicles. The mask will give a brilliant sunny shade.

Masks for light hair: nutrition, recovery

Masks for light hair should have special properties. Blond beauties dream not only to strengthen and improve their curls, but also to refresh their hue, to eliminate yellowness.

Healing herbs for strengthening and growth of hair

The natural properties of many medicinal plants can give our locks health and brilliance. From time immemorial, folk healers have applied beauty recipes based on medicinal herbs.

Essential oils for hair: how to apply, useful properties, masks recipes

The properties of essential oils have been known for a very long time. Their unique ability to penetrate deeply into the skin and hair allows you to cope with many hair problems.

Homemade masks with apple cider vinegar for shine hair

Apple vinegar many are successfully used as part of hair masks. Its main feature is the incredible brilliance, softness and smoothness of the curls. Hair strengthens, grows better and easily fit.

Masks with yolk for hair nourishment

Chicken yolk - a valuable natural source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Masks with yolk for hair are the building material for restoring the structure.

Nut for hair: useful properties. Masks with nut for nourishment and shine

Nuts are a very nutritious product that contain a huge amount of valuable hair and scalp substances.

Nourishing oils for hair

Cosmetic oils are rich in vitamins and minerals, so they have long been used in the treatment of hair masks. Oils nourish and strengthen hair, smooth the structure.

Masks for colored hair

The hair after the paint often loses its shine, becomes brittle and dry. To quickly restore the beauty of the hair, use masks for colored hair.

Restorative masks for damaged hair

Hair can be spoiled very easily. Hair dryer, paint, scorching sun make the curls dull and lifeless. Let's turn to powerful natural remedies for help.

Quick hair masks: getting ready for a date

Is an important meeting or appointment planned, and the hair looks dull and lifeless? Quick masks for hair will help to instantly correct the appearance of hair, give glitz and volume for several hours.

Masks with keratin for home hair straightening

Masks with keratin - an excellent alternative to the sallon procedures for straightening hair. Keratin is a natural protein that restores damaged hair from the inside and straightens.

Cocoa for hair: useful properties, masks recipes

Cocoa is a favorite product for many girls, the source of the pleasure hormone. The amazing composition of cocoa, rich in vitamins and trace elements, is able to work wonders with our hair.

Lightening Mask for Hair

To lighten hair without paint, we will use natural means that will not only brighten, but will also make hair stronger.

Masks for split hair

Many girls struggle with the tips of the ends for years, investing large amounts of money in balms or ruthlessly cutting their hair.

Propolis for hair: therapeutic masks

Propolis - the most valuable gift of nature, which includes a huge range of useful components for ringlets. Its medicinal properties are effective for dandruff and hair loss.

Home masks for rapid hair growth

Far from all have the patience to grow long hair - in some they grow very slowly, others sekutsya, break and get neglected appearance.