Home hair masks

Collagen masks at home

Collagen is found in the structure of our hair and in the scalp. With improper care, curls lose useful substances and deteriorate. Masks with collagen are able to restore hair even at home.

Masks for hair at night: deep recovery

If the hair is badly spoiled, emergency measures should be taken. Nourishing masks for the night contribute to a deep restoration of the structure of the hair and return them a healthy appearance.

Tea for hair: recipes for simple curative masks

Tea is the favorite beverage of many, which has a rich composition of nutrients. Masks with tea will return the shine to the dull hair and strengthen the hair.

Home masks for shine hair

Brilliant hair is able to turn any hairstyle into an expensive and stylish. Home hair masks can be prepared from the available products.

Liquid silk for hair

With the help of modern preparations with liquid silk, you can save even overdried, brittle, dull hair. Masks with liquid silk are prepared even at home.

Masks for the volume of hair

With the help of some home beauty secrets, you can give the volume even to rare and delicate hair. It is enough to add some components to the hair mask ...

Masks for mixed hair

Mixed hair is complex in care, a different approach is needed to care for roots and dry tips. House masks will help, which solve the problem in a complex way.

Masks for highlights

Melted hair is very vulnerable, the discolored strands become dry and brittle, so they need special nutrition and protection, along with the colored ones.

Masks for curly hair

Curly hair has an uneven structure, so it is difficult to comb and styling. Home masks should smooth and restore the surface of the hair.

Masks with Aevit

Aevit is an affordable multivitamin preparation that can be added to the hair mask. Vitamins will quickly restore the curls and give a beautiful shine.

Dimexide for hair growth

Masks with dimexidum are very popular among women of fashion today, as this powerful drug acts on the roots and is a strong stimulator of hair growth.

Masks for faint hair

Hair becomes dull with frequent styling, as well as exposure to scorching sun or wind. Masks for dull hair return the curls of shine and strength.

Masks for the tips of hair

Dry and visited tips of hair - the eternal problem of long-haired beauties. To prevent delamination of the curls, they should be given special attention.

Calcium for hair in masks

The lack of calcium in the body greatly affects the condition of the hair. To quickly cope with the problem, you need to take special preparations and hair masks.

Masks for hair straightening

Straight, smooth hair is in fashion today, but not everyone can boast of such. Straighten disobedient locks can be both in the cabin, and at home.

Masks for dark hair

Dark hair looks chic when they are healthy. Home remedies can give dark hair a beautiful shade and make it shine.

Masks for brittle hair

Hair becomes brittle as a result of improper care. They need to be strengthened with nutrient masks and restore the structure.

Masks for smoothness of hair

Smooth hair looks expensive and well-groomed. To achieve the desired result, you can enroll in the salon, or use natural means.

Masks for discolored hair

If you have discolored hair, they will constantly need to be restored. Store your home recipes to improve the structure of the hair.

Masks for hair in a bath

Restoring health in the bath, do not forget about the hair. Home masks on herbal decoctions will work much more effectively in the steam room.

Nourishing masks with banana

Masks with a banana ideal for dry hair. Banana helps to moisturize, nourish and restore the structure of the hair, gives a pleasant aroma.

Masks for strengthening hair

In the arsenal of home remedies, there are effective recipes that help strengthen weak hair, activate blood circulation and prevent their loss.

Masks for the density of hair

Rare hair few people will be pleased. However, there are ways to make hair bulbs to activate and awaken the growth of new hair, to stop falling out.

Healing Herbs for Hair

Znahar secrets on the use of herbs, which restored the hair of our grandmothers, many use today. We offer an overview of herbs for hair restoration.

Oils for hair growth

Cosmetic oils contain a rich composition of nutrients, so they are successfully used both in the salon and at home to enhance hair growth and prevent their loss.

Olive oil for hair

Olive oil is a popular cosmetic for the skin and hair. A rich composition of microelements nourishes the scalp and saturates every hair with moisture.

Sulfur for hair: strength and smoothness of curls

Sulfur has a beneficial effect on the hair condition, protects from the effects of unfavorable factors, makes the hair strong and obedient.

Egg yolk: useful properties, masks recipes

Egg yolk is not in vain included in the recipe of most hair masks. He feeds locks, saturates with protein and necessary vitamins.