Natural Hair Masks

Masks for rare hair

Rare hair will spoil the image of any beauty. To improve hair growth and give them an extra volume will help natural home masks.

Masks for easy combing of hair

Hair can be confused for various reasons: improper care, damaged structure, excessive dryness. Curl can be made obedient by applying special tools.

Hyaluronic masks for deep moisturizing of hair

Hyaluronic acid is often used in cosmetology. But the locks also need it! Especially with age, when the body produces it all less.

Fruit masks for strength and shine

Masks made of fruits are not only fragrant, but also useful. When curls especially need vitamins, treat them with a delicious fruit dessert in the form of a mask.

Avocado for hair: useful properties, masks recipes

Avocado is a delicate, nutritious fruit that will especially appeal to dry hair. Masks from avocados have an excellent moisturizing and restoring property.

Moisturizing masks with glycerin

Glycerin can be found in most caring products for the skin and hair. This substance attracts moisture, has a moisturizing and restoring effect for curls.

Nourishing masks with caviar

Caviar is not only a delicacy, but also an excellent cosmetologist. High content of proteins and minerals restores the skin and hair, nourishes and smoothes. Share recipes!

Oat masks for problem hair

Masks from oatmeal have toning, nourishing, cleansing and regenerating properties. A rich complex of minerals makes hair grow faster.

Toning masks with orange for hair

The flesh of the orange complex affects the hair: it cleans, nourishes, smoothes and gives a pleasant aroma. Orange juice can be added to your favorite hair mask.

Masks for softness of hair

If the hair is hard, it's not easy to manage with them. In addition, hard hair often becomes dry and brittle. Natural masks are able to soften curls and make obedient.

Grapefruit for hair: cleansing and nourishing masks

Everyone who often treats grapefruit, rarely suffers from avitaminosis. A mask with a grapefruit will love your hair. Moisturizes, smooths the structure and gives a radiant shine.

Garlic for hair: useful properties, masks recipes

How many useful properties has garlic - it is difficult to list. For the hair, it will serve as a good stimulator of blood circulation, stop the loss and cure dandruff.

Simple and light hair masks: popular recipes

Many beauties prefer to prepare cosmetics by their own hands. Their main advantage is the economy and the guaranteed absence of chemical additives.

Bay leaf for growth and strengthening of hair

Lavr - the oldest cosmetologist. Due to the high content of trace elements and active ingredients laurel is an effective anti-alopecia remedy, restores damaged ringlets.

Masks after waving for hair restoration

If you decide to perming, stock up with useful restorative recipes for your curls. Hair after waving is particularly vulnerable, become brittle and dry.

Masks for red hair

Red girls are bright and unique. Their curls are always in the center of attention, so you need to maintain their beauty and health. Natural masks for red hair can enhance the color without dyes.

Mineral water for hair: rinsing, therapeutic masks

Mineral water can become your favorite conditioner after washing. If the hair has become stiff and tangled, the mineral water will soften, moisturize and smooth them.

Masks for hair cleansing. Home-made peeling: recipes

The scalp also needs regular cleansing. Home recipes for hair peeling will serve both as a massager and as a nutrient for hair growth.

Masks for overdried, burnt hair

Overdried and burnt hair is often the result of the work of an unprofessional hairdresser. In this case, you should begin treatment with home restoring masks.

Egg yolk for growth and shine of hair

Chicken yolk - just a pile of vitamins and minerals for the growth of beautiful curls. Yolk is rich in protein, which is the building material for the hair shaft.

Tar for the hair: properties, recipes for masks

Tar is often added to the cosmetics for hair care. It is necessary to get acquainted with the healing properties of tar, if you are worried about dandruff and problem scalp.

Yoghurt masks for hair nutrition

Natural yogurt is a valuable nutritional product for the hair, which is ideal for the composition of any nourishing mask for the treatment and restoration of ringlets.

Cones of hops for hair

Hops cones are a real gift of nature for the beauty of ringlets. The plant contains nutrients and useful resins that heal hair and give shine.

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