Effective remedies for acne

Effective remedies for acne

Drugs for acne treatment

There is a huge amount of funds for acne. Let's try to figure out which means are better to buy and what components should be included in their composition.

Benzoyl peroxide

Preparations: Baziron AS, Clearasil Ultra, Ugresol Lotion, Oxygen

Benzoyl peroxide is perhaps the most popular means of combating acne. It can be found in various drugs: both in prescription drugs and without it.

The action of benzoyl peroxide is complex: it suppresses the growth of bacteria, oxidizes and exfoliates, preventing the formation of comedones. The polymer complex in the "basiron" preparation also absorbs sebum.

Preparations are applied to the skin 1 or 2 times a day. A good effect can be expected 4 weeks after the start of the drug use, and a persistent improvement - after 3 months of treatment.

Benzoyl peroxide preparations come in different concentrations: 2.5, 5 and 10%. Do not choose the largest concentration at once - from this acne will not disappear more quickly, but skin irritation may occur.

The main side effect of benzoyl peroxide is dry skin. If the skin is dry and flaky, moisturize the skin with non-fat cream.

You can start using the drug, putting it on the night after a day, until the skin gets used to it, or take a smaller amount of the drug, apply it more thinly.

Occasionally, severe skin irritation, allergic reactions to the drug (approximately 3% of cases), contact dermatitis are noted. In addition, benzoyl peroxide bleaches hair and clothing. Let the preparation dry.

Currently, the gel Basiron AS company Galderma (France). Most often it is available in 5% concentration.

The cream Clearasil Ultra of the English company Boots Healthcare contains 10% benzoyl peroxide, Oxi-5 and 10.

Azelaic acid

Preparations: Skinoren, Azelik, Azogel, Aziks derm

skinorene medicine Azelic acid (azelaic acid), better known as skinoren, also has a complex mechanism of action - inhibits the growth of bacteria and exfoliates, relieves inflammation. In addition, it can relax the pigmentation of the skin after acne, which is beneficial to people with darker skin and prone to such a reaction.

Azelaic acid is found in Skinoren (SKINOREN) by German firm Intendis. The medicine Skinoren is available in two forms, in the form of gel and cream. According to their pharmacological properties, they differ slightly, the content of the active substance (azelaic acid) in the cream is more by 5 percent, but the gel and cream, in most cases, are good for acne.

In some countries, azelaic acid is released only on prescription.

Gel "skinoren" is applied to the skin firstly once a day, then 2 - in the morning and at night. In the beginning, a feeling of skin irritation is possible, it is necessary to let it get used to.

A noticeable improvement can be expected after 4 weeks of use. Persistent improvement is observed after 6 months. Treatment "Skinorenum" can continue for several years. The drug is usually well tolerated, adverse reactions are rare.

Synthetic retinoids

Preparations: Retinoic ointment, Retasol lotion, Adapalen (Differin, Clenzite, Adaklin, Adolen)

One of the most effective drugs used to treat acne, are synthetic retinoids - derivatives of retinoic acid. These substances have many useful properties of vitamin A, they contribute to the regulation of sebum production, thereby affecting its quality.

True, these drugs have some negative side effects, which complicate the kidneys and liver, and they can have a strong negative effect, which will take place six months after the end of the intake of drugs of this group. Because of what these drugs can be taken only with the appointment of a doctor.

The drug Adapalen: a synthetic analogue of vitamin A, is available in various forms, this tool helps control the appearance of acne and prevents tears. It tends to dry the skin, like many other acne treatments. Contained in preparations: Differin, Clenzite, Adaklin, Adolen

Preparation Retin A: Another form of vitamin A, which is used in the treatment of acne and a number of other problems. There may be side effects when using it. This medicine is of various forms, also used to fight wrinkles and brown spots on the skin.

Drug Accutane: when using this prescription drug, various results were observed. Accutane is a reliable alternative, if other means have no effect. In this medicine, a large amount of vitamin A. However, its administration can have other serious side effects, such as birth defects, allergic reactions and so on.

Preparations with zinc from acne

Remedies: Zinc ointment, Tsindol, Calamine Lotion, Curious, Regocil, Zinerit

Preparations based on zinc are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, astringent, accelerate the regeneration of cells, improve the healing of traces of acne.

Ichthyol ointment

It is used for "stretching" of acne. It is an anti-inflammatory, bactericidal agent, promotes rapid maturation of boils.

Tea Tree Oil from Acne

Essential oil of tea tree quickly removes inflammations on the skin, effectively fights bacteria, regulates the sebaceous glands, improves the blood circulation of the facial skin, clears traces and scars after acne. Oil should be diluted in water and lubricate the skin with the obtained lotion.

Antibiotics for the treatment of acne

Acne preparations containing antibiotics such as erythromycin, streptocid, synthomycin, tetracycline, gentamicin, clindamycin (Dalacin, Klindovit, Zerkalin) are effective treatments for acne. Usually sold as a gel or ointment; can cause some side effects. It should be remembered that antibiotics are addictive and may be ineffective in treatment next time.

How to use acne remedies?

When using any non-prescription drugs for acne, you need:

1. Carefully read the summary of the drug and follow its instructions.

2. First clean (wipe) and dry the skin at the application site

3. Apply to the entire affected area, and not to individual rashes

4. To adhere to the recommended scheme of use

The same drugs can be prescribed by a doctor as part of a complex treatment regimen.

In such cases, follow its recommendations. Consult with him on emerging issues, discuss the results of treatment.

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