Types of hair styling

Melting will never go out of fashion. After all, using melirovaniya you can create a fashionable, harmonious image, revitalize the main color of hair, visually add volume to your hair.

Today, there are many types of highlights, which differ in both the technique of execution and the color solutions.

Fashionable hair highlighting options

Brilliance on blond hair

The literal meaning of "highlighting" is mixing. Therefore, melting is not only the usual clarification of individual strands, also mixing and combination of different shades to create a fashionable image. A professional hairdresser can individually choose the right shade of paint for clarified strands in accordance with your color - in order to harmonize with the color of the skin, eyes and hair.

Highlighting on dark hair

Light strands on dark hair are a great way to brush up an image without harm to the hair. Golden strands will add a hairstyle depth and volume, will rejuvenate the face. The color of the streaked strands is better to choose 2-3 shades lighter than your hair, so that the image looks natural.

California highlights

California melirovanie (or American) - this is giving the hair sun glare. Hairstyle looks very natural, creates the effect of sunburned hair . Hairstyle animates, visually acquires volume. Typically, the American highlighting is done in several shades of colors, 2-4 tones, so the hairstyle looks very impressive.

American highlighting is ideal for brunettes and brown-haired women. Multicolor highlighting is very difficult, so it's best to choose a proven master.


Balayage is the most popular type of melioration for today, because it looks very natural and feminine. In translation from French, "balayage" means sweeping. The master's brush "sweeps" through the hair of the paint of lighter shades, stretching the color along the entire length from the darker to the light.


Shading "shatush" allows you to achieve the natural effect of burnt-out hair tips. Such melirovanie is carried out without foil, is sparing and practically does not spoil the hair. She will decorate both long hair and a short haircut. Does not require frequent adjustments.

French highlighting

The second name of the French melirovaniya - mahimsh. This is a gentle method of melioration, which is suitable only for light hair. Strands are stained with bezammia dyes with the addition of wax. With the help of mazhimezh it is possible to give beautiful hair beautiful flashes of honey or wheaten shades.

Melting with chocolate strands

Melirovanie chocolate and brown strands - a fashionable and stylish option for light and blond hair. Dark thin strands will make the facial features more expressive and vivid, your image as a whole will become original and memorable. For women with a cold color, strands are selected ash-brown or black. Girls with a warm skin color will approach the locks of a golden-chestnut and chocolate shade.

Methods of hair styling

For short hair, the simplest kind of melioration is often used - through the cap. Various color strands are discolored, the intensity of the melioration depends on the distance between them.

Melting on foil - a more modern type of melioration, which is now used more often. It is suitable for both long and short hair.

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  • Venetian Highlights

    Colors and shades of hair highlighting

    Instead of traditional white lines in the hair, you can often find a whole range of shades - beige, golden, ashy, pearly, red, chocolate and even extravagant. The colors and shades of highlighting are recommended to be chosen so that they harmoniously combined with your hair, skin color and eyes.

    Advantages of highlights

    What are the advantages of melioration before monochromatic staining? Due to the transition of tones, the hairstyle becomes lively, becomes more voluminous, lively, the face becomes younger.

    Melting allows you to update your image without cardinal changes in a variety of variations: contrasting strands around the face, clarified hair tips.

    Another advantage of melioration is that unlike the one-color hair coloring, it needs to be done less often - every 2-3 months, since the difference between overgrown hair and colored hair appears later. But only women with long or half-long hair. On a short haircut, the overgrown streak may look messy, so do not start it.

    Hair melting is remarkable because it has no age restrictions. Melirovanie look great as a schoolgirl, and a woman. Hair length also does not matter, all the same with the help of melirovaniya hair will find a beautiful shine and charm. By melting it is easy to paint the gray strands, make a person brighter and more interesting.

    Who is not suitable for highlighting

    It is better to refrain from melirovaniya, if the hair is painted in bright red hues to avoid contrast with natural roots, which then grow back. Highlighting is best not done if the hair is very dark, and also if they are previously painted with henna, a perm or hair is heavily damaged.

    Gentle hair coloring methods

    Magi Contrast - lightening individual strands with persistent dyes. This method is suitable for owners of dark hair. Dark strands are permanently brightened and therefore bright deep colors persist for a long time.

    Hair styling contrast To preserve the health of the hair, many lovers of melioration prefer to do it partially, i.e. a little refresh your hair with light patches of color. You can grind only the bangs and a few strands in the face. On short haircuts, contrasting tips of hair are fashionable.

    Masking crazy colors - this is a striking strand in your hair - an expression of your personality. These strands attract the attention of the opposite sex and always look stylish. Bright colors can be found in any woman with any hair color.

    highlighting of hair crazy colors Remember that any melioration is a stress for the hair, if it is not properly handled, they can become thin, weak, and stressed. Therefore, you need restoration masks and ampoules to treat hair. Hairdressers advise treatment with hot scissors.

    Avoid melirovaniya, if you recently did a perm or painted with henna. When the hair condition is poor, it is also not recommended to do highlights. First you need to cure them.

    "Salt and pepper" - an interesting variant of fashionable highlights

    This method is most interesting for the kind of extravagant women who are not afraid to look gray. Due to the use of toning means, which are applied to the melted locks, the hair acquires a light - ashy shade. Basically, this kind of use of toning is used in case of the possibility of obtaining extra light shades.

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