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methods of treating acne in the cabin

In addition to general methods, cosmetological and medical methods for treating acne are well recommended.


This procedure consists in processing the selected area of ​​skin moistened in liquid nitrogen with a tampon. This substance has a fairly good bactericidal properties, so that this treatment very well cleanses the skin of bacteria and viruses, promotes the removal of edema, as well as the relief of various redness and inflammation. The results of the procedure appear after ten to fifteen procedures.


Perhaps several approaches to the treatment of acne by this method:

  • Carrying out injections into the selected area, consisting of an oxygen-ozone gas mixture.
  • Carry out the treatment of the selected skin area with ozonated distilled water.
  • Intramuscular introduction of the patient's ozonized blood, this procedure is called autohaemosonotherapy.
  • Introduction of intravenous ozonized physiological solution. This solution has good anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Ozone promotes the acceleration of resorption of scars. With the application of this method, the treatment time for acne is reduced by about two to three times.


    In carrying out this procedure, the patient under the skin is administered a small dose of special drugs, due to which the body does not receive significant toxic load, as with internal medication. The advantage is also that the drug is injected directly into the required area. Injections are made to a depth of 1.5 to 6 millimeters. This procedure proceeds almost painlessly, and when performing a special syringe or injector for mesotherapy with a thin needle is used. With the passage of this course of treatment for acne, this procedure allows you to practically not take antibiotics, and also helps to narrow the pores of the skin and restore the functions of sebaceous glands


    During this procedure, the top layer of the skin is removed. The upper layer of the skin is kindled, as a result of which the skin relief is leveled, stagnant spots, postcranial scars, comedones and milliums disappear.


    This procedure consists in the manual extraction of comedones. The procedure is carried out by a doctor-cosmetologist with the help of fingers and with the use of special tools. Beforehand, immediately before the beginning of the procedure the person is steamed, for this purpose a special apparatus called a vaporizer is used. Carrying out this procedure with acne in the home is not desirable.

    As there are also such procedures as vacuum and ultrasonic cleaning of the face, but their effectiveness, and even more so the safety of carrying out with acne has not yet been reliably established. The disadvantages of cleaning are the morbidity of the procedure, especially if you have sensitive skin. After the procedure, irritation and redness of the facial skin will persist for several hours. Such procedures are strictly forbidden to conduct in the presence of inflammatory elements of acne.


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