Trendy Autumn-Winter Dresses 2015

Fashion dresses autumn-winter 2015 - chic novelties

In a dress the woman looks always elegantly and unrepeatably. And in the wardrobe each of us always has some beautiful and elegant dresses. But how to choose a fashionable, stylish and elegant dress in which a woman will look graceful and desirable. In this article we will consider which dresses will be the most relevant and fashionable this autumn and winter.

Fashionable winter dresses 2015 - styles and prints

Fashion autumn-winter 2015 offers us a variety of styles and silhouettes, textures and prints. The variety of styles of dresses for any taste will emphasize the dignity of any figure, successfully hiding its shortcomings.

The trend of the season will be multi-layer dresses. The multilayeredness of these dresses, as a rule, concerns two-layer models with a translucent top layer (Honor, Dior, Fendi), and also hem (the lower part of the dress that performs the function of the skirt) with several different levels (Rochas, Chanel).

Fashionable winter dresses 2015 - actual colors

Popular colors coming winter: green, blue, beige, yellow, gray, metallic and red in all shades. Extravagant models can boast of feathers of ostrich or marabu.

The upcoming season will please us with a trend for small black dresses. Dresses made of golden or shiny fabric of different texture, reminiscent of feathering of a bird or fish scales, perfectly fit as evening dresses. Relevance will touch inserts made of fur and transparent material, color patterns and embroidery sequins.

Fashionable dresses in winter 2015 - emphasize the waistline

Popularity will affect dresses that mimic a top with a skirt. The color of the top and skirt may be the same or different. Actual prints: small flowers, ornaments, geometry and abstraction. A combination of garments of different color or material is welcomed. This combination will make you look more impressive and attractive.

Belt or strap at the waist is a fashion part of the dress. Thanks to him, you can emphasize the figure, giving femininity to your image. Dresses are decorated with decoration and contrasting accessories. Some models boast decor, details or asymmetrical cut.

The current form of dresses will be wide and flared, with lace trim, and the neck of the dress will be high. Dresses are made with an overstated waist, shoulders shaped like lanterns and sharpened with wide sleeves. The presence of a decollete in dresses will be very rare. Preference is given to black and white and red color scheme.

Individual designers try to experiment with turquoise, purple and brown colors.

Fashionable winter dresses 2015 - popular fabrics

Fashionable winter dresses are sewn from dense fabric, decorated with lace and look a bit rough. But, despite this many women are attracted to these interesting styles. These new styles of dresses are made in maxi and mini lengths. Fashionable fabrics this season: jersey, leather, viscose, thin cotton, guipure, lace, satin, tapestry, velvet, jacquard. The length of the dresses can be any.

The selection of beautiful shoes for a dress is equally important, as it is a complement to the style and image. Comfortable and elegant will be leather or velvet shoes on a wide buckle, on a wide platform with a heel, with a narrow toe. Ankle boots with a narrow nose, or knee-high boots on a stud.

To dresses - hoodies definitely fit elegant accessories, wide dark-silver bracelets on hand, which will be combined and complement the whole image. To dresses with an openwork top and a decollete it is necessary to pick up gloves on an elbow, which should be different tone with a dress.

Wide and flared dresses in addition need a hat beret, a wide necklace and gloves.

Designer dresses are made with a blouse with long and wide sleeves, and the lower part of the skirt is folded, with a hat with wide margins.

In conclusion to the above, I want to add that the dress at all times has been and will be the most feminine element of women's clothing - the so-called second "I", which can tell a lot about the personality of the owner.

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