The most fashionable swimsuits - 2015

Swimsuits 2015: fashion trends

Beach fashion 2015 has prepared new surprises for its followers. A variety of styles, shapes and shades of swimsuit models allows you to find your individual style for ladies of any age and social status.

Fashionable swimsuits of 2015 are the power of traditions. Yes, for example, one of the most popular models of the coming bathing season is considered to be whole. Designers have done a great job creating a whole ensemble of beautiful things: with prints and monochrome, with a round or V-neck, strictly laconic and feminine, with a deep neckline or sports-closed, asymmetrical or combined, tankini with one-piece straps and even pretty futuristic swimwear made of latex fabric.

A lighter version of this one-piece swimsuit is monokini. These models have curly cutouts on their sides, nice to slightly open the waist. And some similar swimsuits look not only erotic, but also very original.

In addition, a retro and stained glass window penetrated the beach. In many collections you can see a swimsuit with high panties (the so-called culottes), which are combined with different tops. In the same style can be sustained and one-piece or decorated with cutouts on the sides of swimsuits. Retro on the beach - it's catchy prints, monochrome models or swimsuits with contrasting inserts.

Fashionable bikini 2015

And, of course, the bikini did not come out of fashion! They are ready to offer us all the brands of beach fashion. Tiny pieces of fabric that are designed to seductively "hide" our body, this year will surprise us with a large selection of shapes and colors. Such a beach dress guarantees its owner a smooth, beautiful tan. So choose yourself: Brazilian models, mini-and micro-bikinis (especially frank attire with bodice curtain), youth bandos, balconies or push-up, monochrome models or printed ones ... In general, the designers did their best to, having bought a new swimsuit, the woman stood out on the beach.

Fashionable swimsuit-tankini consists of two parts: panties-bikini and Tank Tank. In principle, he hides the body rather than demonstrates - but the upper part in this model can be raised slightly, adding to his image of courage. In addition, in the new season the tankini has undergone several variations. Yes, in the store you will be able to offer a swimsuit with a shortened top, a tight-fitting long-sleeved T-shirt, or a zippered T-shirt.

The contrasting bottom and top in one bathing suit did not go anywhere. Most often, designers create such models from one printed and one monochrome part.

Well, among the decor in this season, choose ruffles and flounces. Lovely ruches can not only emphasize your playful and gentle nature, but also serve a practical purpose - to increase the size of the breast (if these cords are sewn to the bodice).

But the real mast-hev 2015 will be models with prints. Abstract, floral, geometric and ethnic motifs from last year will be replenished with photo prints of the ocean, fish, beautiful sunsets, palm trees, water lilies, animals and even mountains. Perfect choice for traveling!

Fashion Accessories Swimwear - 2015

To look bright and original, it is not necessary to choose a bizarre model of a swimsuit, you can just pick up a few fashion accessories.

Before a trip to the sea it is advisable to purchase as a supplement to your beach along fashionable pareo, better of the same fabric as the swimsuit. He will give you mystery and elegance, as well as hide the small flaws of the figure. Also do not forget about fashion sunglasses, hat and accessories. And in your image will always be the right "zest", which will make your chosen one think on vacation only about you.

PS The most important thing to remember when choosing a swimsuit is the features of your figure. Correctly chosen model and coloring will help to emphasize your dignity and hide faults.

  • Choose a swimsuit by the type of figure


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