Fashionable shoes 2015

Fashionable shoes 2015

What is it - the fashionable shoes of the autumn-winter season of 2015? For her, there are their own tendencies. From the perspective of color, bright, saturated tones will prevail. Many world designers this season offer us shoes of dark shades, which can not be called dull.

Fashion on the hairpin - 2015

Hairpins are not all - one they just do not like or do not need because of constant running around at work, while others refuse for health reasons or because of pregnancy. Seeing the collection of fashionable shoes of the 2015 season, women, for some reason refusing such a heel, should breathe a sigh of relief. Indeed, the most relevant models of the heel for the cold season will be stable, broad models. Boots such boots or boots - and run all day without fatigue, and by the evening feet will not "fall off" and do not swell.

Although the designers did not offend and fashionistas, adoring the traditional studs, creating wonderful models of shoes with such a thin heel. Of course, in winter, in ice, such shoes are difficult to wear, and dangerous - but in it you can become a real street queen in the fall or spring.

Fashionable shoes 2015: wedge

Fashionable footwear of 2015 is also a wedge, and also a classical thick platform. In winter it is a real mast of heav. She looks great, and rushes easily, so many girls and women prefer it to her. Yes, the derby shoes, boots or ankle boots on the platform in 2015 can be seen on the streets quite often, and they will be combined with fashion jackets or coats for the cold season.

Do not forget the creators of fashion trends and models on a flat move. Shoes without heels - it's convenience and comfort, which are no less important than style and outer gloss. So all over the world, such footwear from year to year does not come out of the rank of the beloved and most often bought, which means that the designers will create all the new beautiful models for our convenience.

Fashionable Shoes 2015: Narrow Nose

Narrow spout is a new trend of 2015. Although this element visually stretches the foot, because of what it seems somewhat longer, but in combination with a high heel, such a shoe makes the leg very elegant. Such shoes are suitable for both business and holiday. Examples of such shoes and other models can be seen at the shows of the houses of Emilio Pucci, Christopher Kane and Balenciaga.

Boots-stockings 2015

Overstretched bootleg - another trend of the cold season next year. Yes, the stockings-stockings, inherited from us in the "inheritance" from 2014, were firmly entrenched in the hearts of the couturier, and hence - on the shelves of fashion shops.

Not gone fashion trends away from the sports style. Such shoes fit an active, athletic girl, part of her day in the gym or on a run in the park. Are you like that? So, you will have a pleasant surprise: sneakers of juicy, cheerful colors that you can wear for fitness, and also just on the street any day.

Traditional winter materials (suede, leather and fur) were replaced by rubber, varnish, and textiles.

Fashionable ankle boots - 2015

As for the demi-season models, then the palm of the championship is held by the ankle boots. These practical shoes are something between women's boots and boots. Despite the fact that such shoes look a little brutal and are crocheted in a monochrome range of shades, no one can call it ordinary or boring. For example, Phillip Lim created very interesting ankle boots - with a sharp narrow nose, a wide leather cuff, and a fashionable heel-wedge. Well, and the house of fashion Balenciaga with the help of a leather membrane connected the heel and sole of the botilion, thus giving us shoes on a thin wedge.

Fashionable shoes 2015: shoes

As for the fashionable shoes of 2015, then the main violin is played by decor, color, texture and prints. And in a separate pair of shoes, any of these trends can act as independently, as well as in combination with other trends. Although still the most catchy is the decor. For example, the fashion house Rochas did not regret the sparkling beads, decorating the backs of the shoes with whole bunches of them.

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Fashionable Shoes 2015: Boots

Fashionable boots of 2015 will be anything, but not boring. Yes, we can choose from classics, as well as innovative models with original cut or trim. The boots will be popular. In the cold, it's just an irreplaceable thing, because these boots warm, hiding most of the leg, and besides, matchlessly look on slender legs.

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