Fashionable boots autumn-winter 2017-2018

The sacred phrase "good boots, one must take" many of us say, seeing a successful combination of "tasty" price, natural materials and eminent brand. However, for most ladies, it is important also whether their shoes fall under the fashionable trend of this year. Such a pair can be bought even cheaply, from the "skin of the beast dermantin", but it will look like a glossy picture.

Fashionable Boots-Stockings 2018

Not as tall as boots, but they fit under any dress, both maxi and mini lengths ... And, if necessary, hide under straight jeans or trousers. As for the most beloved lady jeans, they are easily tucked into soft stockings. A short model of such boots in general are designed for lovers of trousers.

Velvet Boots

A new word in the fashion of the cold season 2017-2018. It is in such shoes that the models of world fashion houses march on the catwalks. Velvet goes not only on halyavku, but also on the finish of the platform (heel).

White boots

Such impractical, but such desirable, lovely and sexy! In autumn and winter they will be associated with bohemian chic. Combine them better with the outer clothing of blue and blue, pink (shade of powder), malachite, and also black. To make your shoes as fashionable as possible, do not be tempted by dairy or cream models-only snow-white boots!

Fashion for wedge

Fashionable boots 2018 are also represented by models on a wedge designed for women who, in the first place, pay homage to comfort. But, nevertheless, such footwear differs the limiting feminity, well harmonizing with the top clothes and "winter" accessories.

The straps that adorn the fashionable boots of 2018 have already ceased to be part of the rough "army" shoes. Designers managed to give them some amazing elegance and lightness, so they were an excellent addition to the most feminine boots. The straps adorned the ankles, effectively combined with the effective buckles, and this technique, by the way, also makes the leg more elegant and slender.

No less stylish, and most importantly, trending looks shoes with perforations. Such a pattern of small holes, decorating the bootleg on winter boots looks quite unusual, but very fresh and original.

Fashionable Boots - 2018

Shortened shoes, hiding the leg only to the middle of the calves. Fashionable boots of 2018 of such a plan can be either with a narrow nose and a thin heel, or on a low stroke with a round nose.

High Models

A-la jockey. Elegant model with a high bootleg (to the knee), adjacent to the leg. Sometimes it is decorated with a lacing, a belt, a buckle (one or several).

Hunting boots. Jockey with a cuff on top, the color of which differs from the color of the shoe.

Assembled bootleg. Above, this model densely covers the calves, and just below creates wrinkles.

Fashionable boots - 2018: thick heel

Color boots with a thick heel - another mast of the hev, not only in winter, but also in autumn. They are decorated with large zippers and buckles.

This versatile rock-style footwear is worn with any clothing, from jeans to a jacket and ending with a dress. By the way, young people boldly combine "rabble" with leggings and skirt. And that shoes did not seem too massive, a large sweater or a wide stole should be thrown over shoulders.


Classic! Most of these boots can be seen in black, less often - in brown. They will fit into any bow, although you should not wear black coats or a down jacket to black boots (unless, of course, you are fanatical from the culture ready) is not worth it - the image will be gloomy. But if you already bought such things, "dilute" them with a bright, light scarf, headdress or skirt.

Fashion Blown Boots - 2018

The so-called ducats or moonshoes are both practical and relevant. This winter they will be worn both on the platform and on the heel. Non-slip rubber outsole, comfortable top made of natural fabric with impregnation or synthetics, practical velcro. The latter this winter can replace lacing, lightning and even a number of buttons.

Rubber boots

They will never go out of fashion, because rains come with an enviable stability even in winter. Designers try to make such shoes interesting and catchy. And nothing that at the very beginning of his "career" rubber boots served the workers! It's been 50 years, and all the city ladies are walking around in such shoes, not to mention children adoring "measuring" puddles in them.

Fashionable boots winter 2018: decor

Now let's discuss the elements of the decor of fashionable boots. So, designers widely used lacing, variations on the subject of straps, perforation, fringe, and also heels of unusual shape. These details give shoes originality, personify and individualize it, allowing to become not just a functional element of the wardrobe, but the "highlight" around which the image of the fashionista will be formed.

So, the most trendy element of the decor was the lacing, which makes it possible to visually extend even the most squat silhouette. This décor, reminiscent of the corsets of the beauties of past eras, has a sexual appeal today, so you can create with them an incredibly attractive, feminine and even daring image.

Predatory coloring

Another characteristic trend trend of the winter, embodied not only in accessories, but also in shoes, exotic models of boots with the coloring "under leopard" or imitating the skin of reptiles (of course, wealthy ladies can buy shoes from genuine leather). Such products became an ornament of fashion shows Paul Andrew, Ralph Lauren and Gucci, as well as a number of other designer houses.

Fashionable Boots Winter 2018

The most important must have the winters of 2017 - 2018. were the boots, which are present in all collections of fashion houses without exception. These breathtakingly elegant high boots this time are executed, mainly in the classical modern style, the characteristic feature of which is an extremely laconic design, complemented by elegant decorative elements. Fashionable boots 2018 are made of genuine leather, have a pointed narrow toe and high heel-stiletto, visually stitching the ankle and ankle.

Also in many collections were presented boots on a low flat sole, continuing the "bootleg theme" thanks to their high boot. They also differ in their utmost simplicity, even asceticism, provoking enduring associations with the shoes of English ladies going on a hunt on horseback.

Fur in finishing

Mast of the winter hive 2017-2018! For example, suede boots with a fringe made of natural materials will be very actual. They are great for jeans, as well as for the fur vests that we left last year's fashion (the so-called "caterpillars").

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