Fashionable fur coats autumn-winter 2017

Do designers please us this season? Certainly! We expect a wide range of decorative solutions, as well as models that will please even the ladies with the finest taste.

Fashion Trend 2017: horizontal stripes

Another actual trend of the season is fur coats from long-haired fur trimmed with horizontal stripes.

Such a bright thing will not only beautify the creative girl, but also put her in the center of attention of others. Similar fur coats from the llama shine in the shows of Giorgio Armani.

Fashion Maxi Coats - 2016

Fur coats with a length of maxi immodestly emphasize the status of their owners, they are one of the most chic designer products. But at the same time, the most practical and convenient one can be considered another option - fur coats winter 2017, which in length can be slightly higher or slightly below the knees.

They look great with a waistline underlined by the belt. Pick up should be the usual leather belts and belts, which should be wide enough.

Fashion short fur coats - 2016

If your motto is nobility and elegance, it's better to choose a short model from mink fur. Especially impressive look like fur coats of sandy-golden color, shown in the collections.

Short fur coats and vests that were fashionable last year did not go into oblivion. They can still be seen on the catwalks, but with the same success there are also elongated fur models. Especially cute long waistcoats introduced the brand Vera Wang.

Short fur coats, like sweaters, waistcoats, fur dresses or cloaks, first of all, give aesthetic appeal - they can not protect against strong cold. Therefore, as the outer clothing they can be used only in autumn weather.

Reflections of leading designers on what should be fur coats for the new season led to the appearance of short sleeves. And in order not to freeze in such clothes, it is worthwhile to get a pair of long gloves. Preferably leather.

Fashionable colors - 2017

So, what colors will be used for fashionable fur coats - 2016? In the autumn, popular were the coats of dusty shades of lilac, as well as soft beige. The same pleasant color scale passed to us in the "inheritance" and in the season of 2017. Yes, pastel collections presented such fashion houses as Gucci, Topshop Unique, Elle Saab and Ralph Lauren.

Such beautiful little things were created in order to emphasize the romantic and feminine nature of the mistress's mistress.

Natural furry colors, in particular natural color under a sable or a mink have returned to a fashion. And a natural redhead. Or just black. Such coats will remain relevant in a few years, there is no doubt about it.

Fashionable fur coats - 2017: styles

A fashionable accent in 2017 will be a turndown collar. By the way, this is not only an actual cut of clothes, but also a convenient far-sighted move. In strong wind or frost, the collar can be raised, closing the neck, and even cheeks from the weather. By the way, this model of fur coat perfectly matches with neck scarves or scarves.

Less practical part, but no less fashionable is the total lack of a collar per se. Yes, a fur coat without a gate will immediately strike the eye. But of course, such a thing should be selected for the climate of your city. If he is soft and moderate - why not show off in a new thing? Well, if frosts and cold winds are frequent visitors to you, then do not forget that winter clothes should first of all deliver comfort, protecting you from any bad weather.

Fashion on a long pile

Fashionable fur coats of 2016 will be created with an accent on long-haired fur - say, raccoon or llama. Similar models are presented in the collections of Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani, as well as Gucci and Lanvin. This coat looks rather original. However, this material is a bit fussy: it is sensitive to high humidity, so it requires special care.

But from the fur of this type, you can create complex drawings - yes, complex fur hats are created on the basis of a combination of two types of fur. In other cases, winter dresses are made from solid skins (for example, sable) - in them the rate is made to the depth of the natural shade of fur.

"Red and black"

The most stylish and fresh combination of colors is black and red. This decision is as close to the classics, while this coat will be liked by almost any girl, and it will look good on her regardless of the color of her hair and shade of her skin. Light gray fur, just like white, is easily dirty.

The most popular furs for fur coats are the Arctic fox and mink, as well as sable and chinchilla, raccoon, mouton and llama, or fur of the red fox. In the new season, as well as in last year's collection, fur coats that are made of karakulchi will become very popular. Fur coats will be very popular, which combine different furs in themselves, in particular, when the thickness of fur and the length of the pile do not coincide.

Effectively look like a cropped fur. Especially it can be attributed to monotonous models with wide bands. Fur is a fairly effective material, it does not require any unnecessary additions. Many designers in the 2016-2017 season opted for a minimalist fur coat, that is, with a simple cut and without a collar.

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