Fashionable bags autumn-winter 2017 - 2018

In 2018, leading designers and fashion houses offer women of fashion to remember the good American and English classics, which clearly slips in all presented collections of bags, becoming the leading trend of the coming year. So, what exactly are the 2016 fashion bags?

Fashion Bags 2018: Briefcases

Autumn is associated with knowledge, so it is not surprising that the main fashionable mast of late 2017 is the portfolio. And it does not have to be big and brown, like a university teacher - the color "baby" will also be relevant. Ultramodnitsy buy up yellow and purple portfolios of a soft form, and hipsters who adore all the rarity - purse or a standard "trapeze" for snake skin. The most feminine are models with thin handles, not just one, but two colors at once.

Backpacks and trunks

Fashion handbags in 2018 are impossible without mentioning a bag or a backpack. If the summer backpacks were colored, with birds or flowers, hand luggage for the beginning of the next winter is created in a restrained scale. Monochrome (less often black and white) fabrics, neat trim - nothing superfluous, as in science!

As for bulk bags-baulov, they sew different shapes. In the "baul" fashion will dominate black, green, graphite, red, brick and orange. Plashevka, textiles, eko-leather, and of course, natural leather - the basic materials for this practical hand luggage.

Fashion Bags 2018: Shoppers

Well, where are the trunks, there are shoppers! They can be both conservative (square shape, lack of jewelry), and original (combined colors or prints, noticeable shapes - say, in the form of an inverted trapezoid). The opening of 2018 will be a berry shopper, almost merging in color with a dress, super capacious, in volume more than its "predecessors".

Fashionable geometry

Strict geometry is another mast of the next year. If you are looking for a handbag for an office, it can be with a long snake strap, black and white (or, say, snow-white, but with a fringing edging). By "construction" it does not necessarily have to be square or trapezoidal - a round shape is also allowed.

If you divide all the bags by the forms, then they are divided and according to their destination into:

- round (small and medium) - this is a choice for every day, the so-called kazhual;

- rectangular - working "tare" (nessery, business folders, portfolios), as well as festive clutches;

- square and even cubic - the choice of women of fashion who want to create a catchy bow.

Fashion clutches - 2018

As for fashionable clutch, the very-most will be reticuli and strict models on the clasp. Beads and spikes, scattered by chess, and bright colors will still remain relevant. "Toy" models for the evening exit (the so-called minodiere) can be absolutely any - bright, radiant, convex, with appliqués, so that such a handbag will compete significantly with the bijouterie.

Fashion on the mini

The small bags that we inherited from the spring-summer of 2017 can be either with a wide strap resembling a harness or a harness, or with a short handle. Designers decorate them with charms made of metal, rivets, chains, catchy fringe. Strangely enough, in the winter of 2018 the most tiny models of bags with thin straps such as a lace or a chain will be fashionable (neither to give nor to take a purse on a string).

Trendy bags with fur - 2018

Colored fluffy fur - what could be more winter in decoration accessories? Fur can be not only "babes", but also trunks, clutches and even portfolios. The designers went further, creating from fur ... long straps for carrying bags!

The most popular in this season are bags made from both long and short fur.

Total look

Do not forget about the total look, fashion, dictating the purchase of bags not only for color, but also for the texture (fabric) of clothing. And the more expensive your dress, the brighter the bag will shine-the "twin", matched to it.

Fashion handbags - 2018: three in one

And if you want to surprise and feel the heroine of gloss, wear not one but two or three bags at once. They may be different at the same time.

Make a bet on the contrast - let the hand luggage "run up" in color, shape, form of fabric. So your image will turn out even more fashionable! Style 2 in 1 - this is the last "squeak" of fashion, which has already found their fans.

Fashion fringe

Bags with fringe presented on the catwalks almost all designers who used this versatile and practical decor in combination with a rigid frame and leather inserts. Thanks to this, they managed to create bags with a clear silhouette, which, despite their elegance, look extremely democratic, ideally completing the wardrobe in the style of casual.

Fashion for reptiles

Fashionable bags of 2018 also include products made of reptile skin, which look not only predatory, but extremely self-sufficient, and they are complemented by monophonic clothes made of matte simple fabric, so that the image does not look "overloaded." Exotic bags made from crocodile leather or python skin will be the finishing touch of the image of a confident and effective business lady.

Trendy bags in retro style

Undoubtedly must have a season perfectly impeccable bag in the style of "retro", perfectly complementing the image of a strict, English lady.

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