Fashionable autumn-winter skirts - 2015

Fashionable autumn-winter skirts 2015 - it's time to emphasize your femininity!

In the autumn, when it starts to get cold, many want to just get into comfortable jeans, and beautiful light skirts to hide in the closet until next summer. However, fashion legislators this year very strongly recommend that they include skirts in their autumn wardrobe. There are no strict prohibitions and clear instructions, there are ideas and recommendations!

Fashion skirts 2015: length

Midi skirt - the most favorite in the autumn-winter season. This elegant, but at the same time warm and practical clothes became a trump card not only for women of fashion, but also for many fashion designers who gladly included midi in their latest collections. This skirt will not let you freeze in the frost, but under the long autumn rain or in the winter mud thaw you will not be afraid to stain or splatter the hem. And finally, they are easy to combine with the clothes typical for this season - raincoats, coats, fur vests, jackets, jackets and pullovers.

Particularly bold designers offer girls to show off in winter and in mini. Yes, in the collections of Antonio Berardi or Moschino there are also such models. In them, of course, it is unlikely you will walk around the park or throw snowballs, but to come in such a skirt for a date (after which a caring guy puts you in a car and leads you home) it is quite possible.

Do not forget the creators of fashion and the length of the maxi. Maxi skirt can be dressed for any event. It will comfortably wrap your feet on a snowy day, creating a feminine retro image.

By the way, retro skirts became the trend of 2015. None of the fashion shows have not been without this or that model of the magnificent, voluminous cut that came to us from the fifties of the last century. Example: semi-sun, sun-flare, bell, trapezoid. If you want to experiment with your daily style, feel free to try on such a long skirt. However, owners of fluffy hips need to do this carefully.

If you have many "questions" to your figure, buy a skirt for the year . This vintage style goes all! Such an outfit gracefully emphasizes the bends of the body from the knees to the waist, from below acquiring a mysterious and unspeakably feminine form of magnificent gloves.

All the same popular and a skirt-pencil . Many remember how they were called in the 80's: a symbol of women's power. Yes, this style is simply designed to be worn in the office, universally suitable for both the make-up of the suit for business meetings and for self-wearing.

Another trend of fashion this season will please lovers of lightness, pomp and volume. In the collections of fashion houses this year, a special place is occupied by slightly forgotten, but very fresh looking pleated skirts . They can be chiffon, feminine, translucent, very appropriate at a dance party, or from light, but dense fabric - ideal for special occasions.

In the collections of Valentino and Victoria Beckham, skirts with pleating were simply shining. This is a brilliant decision for girls with a boyish figure. But women with a fluffy form of hips they are unlikely to fit.

Many designers, creating their skirts, included a smell in their smell. Most often, such models can be seen in winter collections. Their popularity is quite understandable - they look great on figures with rounded hips. Finally, it is the smell that gives the girl a little sophistication and riddles.

As for the materials, the most fashionable are skirts made of fur, wool, tapestry, velvet, and denim. You can see more interesting and bold options, created from silk or lace. Many designers also used the atlas. But Valentino's house surprised everyone by presenting a multicolored skirt made of scraps.

And of course, the skin! Already this season this material does not go out of fashion. It was the classic leather skirts in black presented by David Koma, Balmain, Bcbg and other designers. Many also bet on lacquered and colored leather.

Based on fashion collections, the actual colors in the winter of 2015 will be calm, pastel colors. Silver, as well as golden, white, and, of course, black, beige, blue and red, will be popular.

But some designers instead of experiments paid tribute to the time-tested classics. They offer us to wear skirts with prints (animal, vegetable or geometric), as well as a catchy "smart" cage or stylish folklore motifs.

In general, this year you can remain yourself - attractive, free, unique. The main thing is not to forget that the most feminine element of the wardrobe is a skirt!

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