Fashion headwear of the autumn-winter season 2017

The autumn-winter season 2017 offers women a wide choice of fashionable hats, diverse in style, materials that can update the image of any woman.

Fashionable knitted hats winter 2017

Still designers prefer knitted hats, which promise great popularity, as knitted hats are comfortable to wear, not whimsical in sock, storage, which is especially important for our fast modern age.

Knitted hat styles are surprisingly diverse! This season will be different trend for voluminous caps of large mating, pleasing the eye with their variegated patterns.

Volumetric patterns

Pigtails, knobs and ladder connected with thick yarn are considered the most fashionable today. Such hats are very beautifully combined with a three-dimensional scarf of the same texture.

Fashionable knitted hats with pom-poms - 2017

Caps with pompoms remain at the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row. Pompons of fluffy fur can decorate a knitted cap of any style. Pompons of thread today can often be used on scarves.

Probably, each of us, being a child, had the pleasure of wearing such a hat. And if in those days it was considered an absurd necessity, now it is the most that is the hit of the season.

Fashionable berets winter 2017

Berets are present in almost all designer shows. In fashion - 2017 confidently includes French berets.

Simultaneously from the past, warm knitted or from beret coat comes to us. Most of the berets designers decorated with paillettes and rhinestones.

This season, stylists recommend combining berets with feminine dresses and sweaters.

Fashionable kepi and visors winter - 2017

A truly cozy and trendy headgear with a visor is proudly demonstrated by many designers on the catwalks - 2017.

Warm, with fur trim, kepi will not leave indifferent lovers of sports style. They are distinguished by a restrained color scheme and minimalism. Laconic caps and caps with equal visors are recommended by famous designers to combine either with free jeans and bikes, or with feminine jackets, dresses and blouses.

Fashion headwear made of fur winter 2017

In this season, fashion podiums show us a huge variety of fur hats of classical styles.

The connoisseurs of original luxury will be pleasantly impressed by malachai, a hat, a cap with earflaps and a kubank.

Fur is traditionally associated with the severe cold of Russia, so the fur caps on the autumn-winter shows show models dressed in Russian themes. And the new season did not depart from the rules.

Fashion headwear - 2017: hoods

Stylish hood is able to replace the warm hat and protect the woman from the wind and frost with almost no damage to the hair.

Shaped scarf

Another fashionable non-ordinary option, replacing the hat - a scarf-snood, performing the functions of a scarf and hood. He also this season becomes an important accessory, ready to give the wearer warmth, as well as provide protection from wind and rainy weather.

Trendy hats made of felt - 2017

Hats from felt are at the peak of the fashion season 2017. Designers offered a huge variety of felt hats - from the visors and ending with wide-brimmed hats in retro style. Give preference to hats confident women.

Fashionable hats-hats winter 2017

Spectacular and futuristic style hat-helmet in fashion for a long time! These hats confidently protect against any winds and frosts. Karl Lagerfeld argues that wearing one more hat over the helmet, brings even more effect.

Caps-earflaps, scarfs, caps, crocheted hats, hats, turbans, baseball caps, cups ... is not a complete list of headgear that will be relevant this winter. Young hot girls and elegant ladies, lovers of fancy accessories and laconic solutions, fans of creativity and classics - each of them can easily choose from fashion trends something that she will like.

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